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Matthew Georgiadis,
VP, Business Development

Robert Burko Matthew Georgiadis is the Vice President of Business Development at Elite Email.

Having spent many years in various sales and managerial positions, Matthew has learned many lessons on what it takes to be successful in an ever-changing and fast-paced business world. Responsible for the direction of the sales team, the development of new initiatives, the generation of strong partnerships and the driving force behind the development of work ethic, culture and values at Elite Email, Matthew is always on the move, using his inability to sit still to his advantage.

Always focused on the client and their needs, Matthew has found a way to develop incredibly strong relationships with everyone that crosses his path. His energy, passion and zest for life is always noticed and is a major factor in his workplace dealings as well as his interactions on the road at various trade shows, conferences, networking events and meetings.

Never one to shy away from a problem, Matthew is always excited at the challenge of helping others and finding the best solution in any situation. Leaning on past experiences from within various industries such as retail, education, health & fitness, and the hospitality world has given Matthew different perspectives when it comes to finding the proper solution for a client.

After University, Matthew took on roles in varying industries, but always succeeded by relying heavily on his strong interpersonal skills and love for people. He spent many summers at Camp Northland B’nai Brith leading, training and managing staff, while helping to run a summer camp for hundreds of children.

Matthew coupled his love for people and travel when he took on a role at EF Educational tours, where he was responsible for seeking out new clients to travel the world with their students. His role was not just sales, but also customer service as he worked closely with teachers to build strong relationships and provide them with the best experience possible. Representing the company at many meetings and conferences, Matthew relied on his passion for people and travel to excite and educate through his own experiences

Matthew then left the corporate sales world for a period to hone new skills and to teach at a private day school as an autistic aide. Matthew flourished in such an environment, as a leader within the school. Not only was he an aide for two young boys, but he helped as a secondary teacher within the classroom while also running the school’s kids club on his own. Every day he was the first to arrive at the school, and always the last to leave.

Matthew was lured away from the classroom and back into the boardroom when the opportunity to join Elite Email was presented to him. The task of helping to take a young and vibrant company to the next level was too hard to pass up. His drive and confidence is a perfect match for his new role. There’s never a dull moment within the Elite Email office and Matthew is a major contributor to that.

Matthew graduated with a Political Science degree from The University of Western Ontario - Huron College.

Many times you would find Matthew on the other side of the world. Always one looking for an adventure; he has spent time travelling through Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Italy and Croatia.

Currently residing in Toronto, Matthew spends his time outside of the office seeing live music, playing golf and baseball, watching (a lot of) football, enjoying his friends and family while laughing as much as possible. Seeing him without a smile is a rarity.