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Elite Email Company History

Elite Email provides web-based (SaaS) business solutions to companies around the globe. Our flagship service is the award-winning EliteEmail.com, a robust and easy-to-use suite of email marketing solutions.

Today, Elite Email supports thousands of small and medium businesses, non-profit organizations and individuals. But it wasn’t always that way. Our success story humbly begins in the Toronto-area basement of president and founder Robert Burko. We take you back to the 90s, when Burko was still in high school. The web was exploding, and mega corporations were beginning to take advantage of effective online tools, like comprehensive websites and email marketing campaigns. At the time, those tools were complex and expensive, which meant they were simply prohibitive for small and medium businesses. Burko had a vision: to offer small and medium businesses access to the same great tools available to big businesses, but at a price they could afford, and with an interface that would be easy for anyone to use.

Burko understood that small and medium businesses did not have the marketing and IT departments of their mega counterparts. From this understanding came the two key building blocks of Elite Email: ease of use, and excellence in customer service. In Burko’s own words: “Anything in our software must be easy to learn in under 10 minutes, and we must be able to provide technical and business support when our customers need it.”

The company was originally established in 2003, and launched to the public in 2005, as Eliteweb.cc. In 2009, the company was re-branded as EliteEmail.com.
Over the years, we became more focused on EliteEmail.com, our flagship email marketing software, and it has paid off: In 2007, the Branham Group and Backbone magazine named us one of the 25 up-and-coming IT companies in Canada. And in 2009, we were selected by Website Magazine as one of the Top 50 email marketing service providers worldwide.
Today, although our focus is on email marketing, we also offer complementary services, to ensure seamless planning and execution of your online marketing strategy. These additional services include web design, hosting, surveys and custom digital solutions tailored to a business’ specific needs.
We hold ourselves to high standards and we know our customers do too. Ongoing consumer surveys have shown us, time and time again, that our clients value our excellence in customer service as much as we pride ourselves in providing it.

We are committed to continuous evolution in order to meet the high demands of our customer base and the ever-changing needs of the marketplace. We’re always open to feedback, so don’t hesitate to contact us.