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Practical Business Advice Newsletter May 2013  

Here is the May Practical Business Advice Newsletter. Hopefully you'll find the information informative and useful!

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Some Basics on Getting Started and How to Use LinkedIn

Founded in 2002, LinkedIn has grown to 161 million members in over 200 countries, making it the world’s largest professional network on the Internet (by comparison, Twitter has 550 million registered users, and Facebook has 1.1 billion). It continues to be a powerful platform for connecting businesses, job seekers, brands, recruiters, industries and more.

Getting started:

1. Profile
LinkedIn measures your “profile completeness”. The higher your profile completeness, the more likely you are to appear in search results. For instance, when you list skills like “process improvement” or “marketing strategy”, potential employers may come across your profile when they perform an advanced search based on those keywords.

To ensure that your profile is 100% complete, LinkedIn recommends including the following information.
•Industry and postal code
•A current position with description
•Two more positions
•At least five skills
•Profile photo
•At least 50 connections
•A summary

2. Network/Contacts
Perform  a series of basic searches to find people you know by name. (See the search box at the top of each LinkedIn page.) Click the “Connect” button next to people’s names to add them to your network. You can send a custom message along with the invitation to make it more personalized.  They will have to accept your invitation before they become a connection.

Once you have made several connections, you will see a “People You May Know” summary on the right hand side of your page. LinkedIn determines suggestions based on your connections’ networks. LinkedIn labels these connections by degree. People you’re already connected to are “1st degree” connections. People you’re not yet connected to, but who are linked to your 1st degree connections, are 2nd degree, etc. 

Sending emails to connections:

1.Click Network/Contacts at the top of your home page.
2.Check the box next to the recipient's picture (maximum of 50 connections).
3.Click the Send message link to the right.
4.Enter a Subject and write your message in the large text box.
5.Check the boxes next to "Allow recipients to see each other's names and email addresses" or "Send me a copy" (optional).
6.Click Send Message.
Note: If your message exceeds 7000 characters you'll need to shorten it before sending.

3. Companies
Just as you have a personal profile page, many companies choose to represent themselves on LinkedIn with a company page. Like Facebook brand pages, you may choose to follow the activity and updates of companies on LinkedIn.

Company pages contain general information, such as a business overview, list of employees and press mentions. Many companies also choose to list job openings on their pages, and some even encourage applicants to apply through LinkedIn.

Once you follow a company, you’ll see its updates appear on your LinkedIn homepage along with those of your connections. Businesses also use LinkedIn to post company announcements, such as acquisitions, new hires or updated policies.

4. Groups
LinkedIn groups are spaces in which professionals and experts can share content, ask for advice, post or search for jobs and network with others. Groups are created around professions, brands, associations and societies, support groups, causes, publications and industries in general.

Some Local Calgary groups:  Linking Calgary (12,000 members), Calgary Business Networking Group (2300 members), Women Working in Calgary (5,600 members), Young Oil and Gas Professionals (Calgary) (5,300 members), Human Resource Association of Calgary (HRAC Calgary, 1,800 members)

Use the Search box to search for groups, when you find one you like, click on “Join Group”.  You can click the “More” tab to get the group profile and statistics before deciding to join.  Keep in mind that many groups require approval before the manager permits you to join.  To view your joined groups, go to Interests/Groups.

You can adjust your settings for group discussion emails on the Your Settings page within each group.

To view and change your group email settings:
1.Click Interests/Groups at the top of your home page.
2.Click the name of the appropriate group.
3.Click More under the name of the group, and then click Your Settings.
4.Check or uncheck the box next to "Send me an email for each new discussion".
5.To turn on/off group digest emails, check or uncheck the box next to "Send me a digest of all activity in this group". You can also change the frequency of digest emails in the gray box.

Start Discussions/Promotions

Posting to Group Discussions:

•Click on Interests/Groups
•Select a Group
•A box appears to start a Discussion
•Click in the box (then a second box opens up)
•First section of the box is the title (max. 200 characters) – enter the posting title
•Type your discussion topic in the second box
•Click Share

Posting to Group Promotions:

•Click on Interests/Groups
•Select a Group
•Click on the Promotions tab
•Click on Post a promotion
•A box appears to start a promotion
•First section of the box is the title (max. 200 characters) – enter the posting title
•Paste  your promotion/ad in the second box
•Click Post a Promotion

•You have 15 minutes to click a temporary Edit link next to your discussion/promotion.
•You can delete a discussion you've started by clicking More under the discussion/promotion and then clicking Delete.

5. Updates
Unlike content shared on social networks like Facebook and Twitter, LinkedIn updates tend to be industry- and professionally-focused. Keep that in mind if you’re attempting to increase engagement.

Post a status update from the LinkedIn homepage, and it will be shared (on your contacts’ homepages) as well as posted to your profile under the activity feed. Also, when you engage in discussions in LinkedIn groups, that activity counts as an update.

On your home page enter your update in the box beside your name, click Share.

If you see that someone has posted an update or changed their profile, you can "like" it -- a professional version of the same Facebook tool.

(Contains excerpts from: http://mashable.com/2012/05/23/linkedin-beginners/)

Other Tips:
If you go to your Privacy and Settings in the menu under your picture icon on the top right hand side, there are a number of privacy settings you can change:

  • Turn on/off your activity broadcasts – If you post a lot in Groups you may not want all your connections to see all of your posts
  • Select who can see your activity feed
  • Select what others see when you've viewed their profile - You can change it to be totally anonymous (but you will not be able to see who viewed you)
  • Select who can see your connections
  • Change your profile photo & visibility
  • Show/hide "Viewers of this profile also viewed" box

If you have any particular topics you'd like to hear about in upcoming issues, your feedback would be appreciated.

Best Regards,

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