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  October 2010 Volume 10 Issue 2  

Meet some of our inspirational graduate teams that we've been privileged to work with during the past ten years.

My name is Casey Shannon and I was honored to join the HCI ohana recently when I received service dog, Gabe. "Angel Gabriel" is my constant companion and the best service dog ever! Gabe and I have a regular morning routine. He gets my leg brace and shoes, retrieves my cell phone, and delivers the mail so we can start our day. If I need my cane, he finds it and brings it to me. He patiently wears his harness, which helps support me so I can walk more easily, and he opens every door for me. If I drop anything, Gabe picks it up almost before it hits the ground. We are known as the "dynamic duo" at my work and in our neighborhood. Gabe is a happy guy and has a great sense of humor, he lifts my spirits every day. When the day is done, he curls up in bed next to me with his head on my chest for a well earned snooze. Gabe is "magic" and "love" all wrapped up in beautiful red fur with a jaunty wag of a tail and a big slobbery kiss. He also has sparkling brown eyes that always ask, "How can I help?"

Ph. 808-298-0167

Murphy, Pono & Maggie

Meet three of our current dogs in training. Murphy, Maggie, & Pono are currently in basic training and are learning skills such as opening doors and retrieving the phone.They're also learning public etiquette. Their recent field trips have included the Makawao Fire Station and Queen Kaahumanu Center. All three dogs are making excellent progress and we have high hopes for their future careers.

Name the Puppy Contest

The next HCI puppy in training is on his way to Maui from Australia. We go through the alphabet naming the puppies - a lot like hurricanes! This puppy's name will begin with the letter "Q", which is a challenging one! Please send your ideas for his name to Info@HawaiiCanines.com. The winner will be announced in our next newsletter.

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