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  November 2010 Volume 10 Issue 3  

Hawaii Canines for Independence is teaming up with Courthouse Dogs http://www.courthousedogs.com/ to provide this valuable new service for children who are victims of crime in Hawaii. Courthouse Dogs provide comfort and therapy for children during interviews, medical exams and court testimony. 

Courthouse Dogs help children relax and give them the courage to talk about what happened to them. Conviction rates have increased in the counties that have this program in place. Courthouse Dogs and HCI are giving presentations this week on Oahu at the Honolulu Prosecutor's office, the Children's AllianceCenter and the Victim Witness Kokua Program.

We are so grateful to have this opportunity to make a difference in the lives of children who are victims of crime. Thanks to the Gartner Foundation and all of our supporters for making this possible!

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Katherine Clarkson is a Hearing Dog trainer from England who is currently working as an intern at the HCI Training Facility. Katherine is sharing her knowledge of training Hearing Dogs with the HCI staff and is currently helping a Maui teenager obtain a Hearing Dog. She is also learning how to train Service Dogs and stand up paddle while here on Maui! 

In the picture above, Katherine gets a smooch from puppy in training Murphy!

Ph. 808-298-0167

Mahalo to everyone who helped make our tenth anniversary and open house on October 23rd such a big success! We had over 150 guests including many graduates, volunteers, supporters and applicants. Guests enjoyed tours of the HCI campus, training demonstrations, videos and heartfelt testimonies from some of our graduate teams.

HCI Puppies in training Murphy, Maggie, Nelson and Pono demonstrated their skills in the training room and everyone enjoyed watching them perform in the agility yard. It was hard to tell who had more fun...the dogs or the spectators!


A big mahalo to our friends at Guide Dogs for the Blind in San Rafael for providing us with Nelson. Nelson has recently had a "career change" and will continue the final stages of his training as a Facility Dog rather than a Guide Dog. His friendliness and calm nature make him ideally suited to work in a hospital setting where he can visit everyone and provide unconditional love to all the patients. Each HCI Assistance Dog is carefully placed in an environment where their strengths and natural abilities can shine.

Thanks to all of you for sending in such great "Q" names last month! There were over a hundred entries to choose from and many that we will use in the future. The winning name is "Quigley" and was sent in by Kate Church, Paula Richard, Wendi Hirsch, Terri Smith and Susan Kuhl.  Mahalo!!

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