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  May 2011 Volume 11 Issue 5  

Brian and Zeus are a familiar sight on the UH Manoa campus where Brian is a doctoral student and teaches classes on disabilities studies. Brian and Zeus graduated from HCI in 2008 and are the first Service Dog team to communicate entirely through sign language. Zeus is so smart that he is affectionately known as Dr. Zeus. “It says a lot that he became a doctor before I did,” laughs Brian. “He is the best Service Dog and friend anyone could have. Despite my shortcomings, Zeus is always, always so eager to love me.” Click above to see this amazing team in action.

Congratulations!  HCI Founder and Executive Director, Mo Maurer, recently graduated with a Master’s of Science in Animal Behavior from Bergin University.  After completing the two years of coursework last year, she participated in the school’s graduation ceremony on April 30. Mo is using her advanced education to continue expanding the ways that dogs can help people in need.

"We have two options in life: Choose to see the beauty or choose to see the ugliness in life. I choose to find beauty in everything, including weeds." -Brian Kajiyama (& Zeus)


Soldier got his name because of the courage he has shown in the face of adversity since the day he was born. Soldier was the runt of the litter and lost his leg as the result of a birth trauma. Since then, his indomitable spirit and cheerful personality have brought smiles to everyone he meets. Soldier’s future plans include visiting veteran’s and children’s hospitals to inspire people who face similar challenges. Click on the picture to see Soldier in action!


HCI lost a good friend on April 25 when Kendon Walker “boarded the train to heaven.” Kendon spent much of his life at Kapiolani Medical Center where he valiantly fought leukemia for two years. Kendon looked forward to daily visits from HCI graduates Dr. Wendi Hirsch and Tucker. Kendon was the Founder and President of the Tucker Fan Club, which will continue to raise money for cancer research. All of us at HCI have been inspired by the faith and courage of Kendon and his entire ‘ohana. He will be greatly missed and always remembered.

For more on Kendon and Tucker, visit our Facebook page.


This is the fourth year in a row that eight-year old Declan Levin has asked for donations to HCI in lieu of birthday presents. This year Declan raised $730 for HCI in the Maui Visitor Industry Charity Walk, which will be matched up to 100%. We thank Declan for his generosity and commitment to helping others!

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