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  October 2011 Volume 11 Issue 10  


"I love helping to raise and train all the dogs that come through the program. I really get to know their different personalities. Yoda is such a sweet puppy and has never met a dog or person he didn't like. He is very mellow and easy going for such a young pup.  I think Yoda has a lot of potential and will make a great Assistance Dog. I am looking forward to seeing who he will help in the future. His favorite baby sitter is our neighbor's dog, Bella."  - Will Maurer, HCI Co-Founder

 Click above to see Yoda and why Bella is called a "Saint" Bernard!


Our new intern, Vanesa Vizuete, has just arrived from Spain! Vanesa will be working at the HCI training facility for the next three months and gaining valuable experience to help her start her own Assistance Dog Program back in Spain. Vanesa has an undergraduate degree in business and attended graduate school in veterinary medicine. She also worked for two years as a trainer at Dogs for the Disabled in England.



Pono's puppies are growing up fast! The "S" litter is now eight months old and completing basic training. They have all inherited Pono's excellent temperament and desire to please. Scout, Sage, Sadie, & Sophie have already learned about 50 commands and are very well behaved out in public.

Click above to see the "S" litter and their puppy raisers on a recent outing to the mall!


Mikey Raboin and his Service/Seizure Response Dog Penny have been partners for almost six years. Before receiving Penny, Mikey was not able participate in many childhood activities. However, with Penny by his side, the two have joined in (and won!) Easter Egg Hunts, gone camping in the Grand Canyon and even gone on rides together at Disneyland. Each night, Penny sleeps with Mikey and will alert his parent's if he has a seizure. Together, they share aloha and show us what is possible!

A faithful friend is the medicine of life. ~ Ecclesiastes 6:16

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