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  March 2012 Volume 12 Issue 3  


 Construction is underway on the caretaker's cottage at the HCI Training Facility on Maui. The 700 square foot multi-purpose building will also be used by interns and students while working and studying at the HCI Facility. The current project also includes expansion of the large adjacent exercise field. Foreman Sam and the crew expect to complete construction this summer.


"Zeke stole my heart the moment I met him. He has this impish charm that’s impossible to resist! He was seven weeks old when I brought him home, and it's been a joy to watch him learn and change day by day! He's five and a half months old now, and he's such a delight! He loves to learn new commands, go new places, and meet people. He's so full of joy – he doesn't just wag his tail, he wags his entire back half! Zeke goes to work with me at Microsoft, and he has quickly become a big favorite in my office building. Several times a day, someone stops by my office to see if they can have a "puppy break"– usually, it's someone who is having a tough day and wants to hug him – and they leave feeling de-stressed after Zeke works his magic on them! I am so lucky to get to raise such a special boy, and I'm so excited knowing that he will continue to touch people's lives with his special magic even after he leaves me to go help someone!"– Ann Beebe, Puppy Raiser

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  Trooper and Riley are expecting seven puppies on March 30th! Both dogs come from many generations of the best English, American and Australian Guide Dog lines. They have excellent health and temperament that we hope will be passed on to their puppies. “Super Trooper" is calm, confident and reliable. Riley is happy, affectionate and eager to please. Trooper is going to graduate as a Courthouse Dog and Riley will be placed as a Service Dog for a child. This special litter will begin the third time around the alphabet naming puppies for HCI. Help us to name the puppies by submitting your ideas for names starting with the letter "A."

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Vanesa Vizuete of Barcelona, Spain and Kristin Anderson of Tucson, Arizona have recently completed their internships with HCI. The internship program is designed to help people with both education and experience in the Assistance Dog industry learn how to start their own programs. Kristin plans to start a Therapy Dog Program for children in foster care and Vanesa arrived with plans to start a program in Spain. We thank them for all their hard work and dedication while at HCI and wish them both much continued success!


Quigley has recently graduated and works as a Therapy Dog at Roselani Assisted Living Facility in Kahului. Quigley shares unconditional love and smiles and everyone he meets smiles back. He is always happy to give a kiss or offer a paw.  Roselani residents enjoy his gentle nature and his growing “fan club” looks forward to his visits.  The staff has been amazed at how well the Alzheimer's patients respond to Quigley.

The longer I live the more beautiful life becomes.
~Frank Lloyd Wright

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