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  May 2012 Volume 12 Issue 5  

Please join us this Saturday, May 26th for an Open House at Sadie's Place! Meet the "A" litter of puppies, tour the facility and watch training demonstrations!


Twelve-year old Service Dog Quincy has been by Michael Tom's side for almost eleven years. Quincy has been a family member, helper, co-worker and most of all a best friend. He will be enjoying his retirement years by relaxing at home in Kula with Michael and his wife, Lucy.

Quincy has not only assisted Michael with every day activities like opening doors and carrying items, but he has also helped hundreds of students who come into Michael's office at Kamehameha Middle School for counseling.  "Quincy really helps kids to open up and start talking," says Michael, "he has made a huge difference with so many of them."

"Grow old with me! The best is yet to be."

~ Robert Browning


Meet Trooper and Riley's A-mazing puppies! Abe, Arnold, Aussie, Astro, Angel, Abbie, Alohi, and Aina. They are 7 weeks old and doing great! They recently started Kindergarten Puppy Training and have already learned 10 commands.

Click above to see their first day of school at 5 weeks old!


Join us as we celebrate the beginning of four new partnerships next month! Graduation will include Service Dog, Facility Dog and Courthouse Dog teams. It will be held at "Sadie's Place," the HCI Training Center, on Saturday, June 16th at 4:00pm. Please call the HCI Office at 298-0167 for more information.


Thanks to the over thirty volunteers and 200 supporters who helped make this year's MHLA Charity Walk such a huge success! The funds raised will help HCI to provide Assistance Dogs free of charge to the people who need them the most. HCI volunteers, with the help of Mayor Alan Arakawa, also did a great job handing out prizes to over 2,000 participants at the finish line!

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