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  July 2012 Volume 12 Issue 7  


 "We puppy raised Trooper and now we are puppy raising his son, Aussie. He has the same wonderful temperament that Trooper has and he is learning his commands quickly. When I take Aussie out and about, everyone loves him and he gives everyone a big smile as they pet him. It is fun watching him follow in his dad's foot steps." - Sharon Dahlquist, HCI Puppy Raiser

Nineteen-month-old Sadie was recently featured in a Maui News article highlighting her new "career" as a courthouse dog at the Maui County prosecutor's office. Click the link above to read all about how Sadie calms and soothes children who have been victims of crimes and helps them to tell their stories.

"Children and dogs are as necessary to the welfare of the country as Wall Street and railroads." - Harry S. Truman


"Winston is the perfect dog for our family," says Therese, Sabah's mom. "He is really good with Sabah and makes her so happy. I don't think I've ever seen her smile and laugh so much." Winston helps Sabah by bringing her socks and shoes in the morning, opening and closing doors and getting items that are out of reach. He and Sabah love playing games together too. "I'm not sure which one enjoys playing catch more!" says Therese. Best of all Winston is a loyal and devoted companion for his new best friend.

Every seriously ill or injured child from an outer island is medevaced to Kapiolani Children's Hospital on Oahu. Each one receives a Tucker doll on the plane and is told about the real Tucker who they will get to meet at the hospital. During a recent training trip to Oahu, HCI puppies in training enjoyed meeting a young girl from Kauai on her way back home from the hospital...with her Tucker doll in hand.


Thanks to all the wonderful puppy raising families in the Seattle area who are donating their time and talents to help raise puppies for HCI!

From left to right: Ann Beebe, Zeke, Addy From, Angie Jennen with Angel, Morris, Patti Whitmarsh, Gerry Whitmarsh with Arnold, Callie From, Vinnie From with Alohi, and Sandy From.

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