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  October 2014 Volume 14 Issue 10  


Feanna and Knight were one of our first teams to graduate back in 2001. Feanna had not left the house on her own in years, but with Knight by her side, she regained her independence. Knight is now 14 years old and retired, but their bond is stronger than ever. "I really believe he can read my mind", says Feanna with a chuckle. "Although he can't hear very well any more, he always seems to know what I'm thinking and feeling. I'm so glad to be able to take care of him, after all the years he spent helping me. Knight is the best dog ever."


Ollie is a sweet and gentle puppy who loves to be around people. This special puppy was born on August 1st and came to us all the way from Guide Dogs Queensland in Australia. He is currently in the Kindergarten Puppy Class with his three litter mates. He is an excellent student and is eager to please. His favorite things are: mealtimes, snuggling with his puppy raisers, and playing in the water!

"Whoever said you can't buy happiness forgot little puppies."

- Gene Hill 


Our newest puppies are just 2 1/2 months old and have already begun their careers of helping people in need by visiting the children at Kapiolani Medical Center.

They brought love and laughter to everyone they met and had an especially great time with the kids in the play room. The puppies all got to meet their Uncle Tucker, who works at the Hospital full time. 


Sadie was our first Therapy Dog to visit Hale Makua Nursing Home over 20 years ago. Our Community Outreach Program still includes visits with the residents at Hale Makua each month. The kupuna look forward to seeing the puppies in training grow up and visiting with the Therapy Dog teams.  The nurses are often surprised by how talkative the patients are as they share stories about some of the dogs they had in the past.  


We had a great visit this month to Emmanuel Lutheran School. The students got to learn about all the different types of Assistance Dogs and the many ways that dogs can assist people in need. The children learned about various disabilities and how to relate to people who are different from themselves.   Our staff, volunteers and puppies in training all had a great time at the school.  The students especially loved the training demonstration and meeting our puppies in training!

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