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  April 2015 Volume 15 Issue 4  


Assistance Dogs of Hawaii gave a presentation at the IVAT Conference (Institute on Violence, Abuse and Trauma) this month in Honolulu. Thanks to graduates Wendi Hirsch and Pat Breault for sharing how Hospital Facility Dog Tucker and Courthouse Dog Faith have helped so many people through very difficult times. Over 1,000 people attended the conference, and we enjoyed sharing ideas and meeting people from around the world!  Many attendees were inspired by the presentation and interested in starting programs in their own countries.


Roxy is a happy and very affectionate puppy.  She is a star in the Kindergarten puppy class and is currently learning commands such as visit, dress, and shake.  She has already brought many smiles to the children who participate in the READ program and enjoys visiting the elderly residents at Hale Makua.  Roxy loves playing with her toys and swimming in the ocean.  She is nicknamed "hula hips" for her happy and wiggly greetings.

"When we give cheerfully and accept gratefully, everyone is blessed."

 -- Maya Angelou


We are delighted to announce the arrival of our newest puppies in training!  This beautiful litter of Golden Retrievers was born last week at Guide Dogs Queensland.  We are fortunate to be receiving two puppies, a boy and a girl.  The puppy's mother is the sister of Hope, one of our recent graduates and their father is a top sire of Guide Dogs in England.  These special puppies will be arriving on Maui in July.  In other news from the nursery, we are also expecting a litter of Labrador puppies to be born at our campus in June. We are looking forward to a summer of puppy pandemonium!


We recently had a great visit with graduates, Casey Shannon and her Service Dog Gabe.  Casey is a college instructor and gifted artist.  She and Gabe have been partners for five years and couldn't be happier together!  "Gabe is the perfect dog for me," says Casey. "He is exactly what I need right now." Besides assisting Casey with tasks like opening doors and retrieving items, he brings her joy and laughter throughout the day.  He also moonlights as a babysitter for her four-year old grand-daughter Aven.


This month, Workplace Readiness students from King Kekaulike High School visited our campus for an educational field trip. The students worked on a research assignment ahead of time about Assistance Dogs of Hawaii. They learned about the many different types of Assistance Dogs and how dogs can help individuals with disabilities. Students enjoyed watching a training demonstration, grooming the dogs and had a picnic. Inca, pictured above, loved interacting with the students and helped give a tour of the training center! 

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