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  June 2015 Volume 15 Issue 6  


Thanks to our friends at Maui Brewing Company for hosting their bi-annual fundraiser on Friday, July 31st from 6 pm- 10 pm. We hope that you can join us and meet our new puppies in training!


Watch our future heroes as they grow...Marshal and Ipo's puppies are almost three weeks old, and you can watch their progress on our live PuppyCam.  A word of caution, viewing can be highly addictive!  Click on the link here, and follow the instructions to download the app on your phone. Please note that there is a small fee for the app.

"When we give cheerfully and accept gratefully, everyone is blessed."

 -- Maya Angelou


We are so excited for our three new teams as they begin their new partnerships together.  Jake is graduating as a Courthouse Dog and will begin working full-time with his handler Julie at the Honolulu Children's Justice Center (CJC). The CJC helps children who are victims of crime and their families through the difficult legal process. Marshal will also be helping children at the Maui CJC  and is partnered with Cathie, a counselor. Akamai is being placed as a Hospital Facility Dog and is working full-time at the VA Hospital on Oahu. He will be working at the residential treatment program for soldiers with PTSD.  Akamai's new partner, David, is also a veteran and works as a counselor at the hospital. We are delighted with these three partnerships and the positive impacts that they will have on so many lives. Congratulations to all!

Welcome to our newest intern, Erin Jasper, who joins us for six months from Portland, Oregon! Erin has a background as a school psychologist and has enjoyed working with individual's with diverse needs.  She also has great experience with animal assisted therapy and raising and training dogs. We appreciate her enthusiasm and strong work ethic!  Contributing to the Assistance Dog field has been a lifelong dream for Erin, and she wants to express her sincere gratitude for the opportunity to be involved with such a special organization and for the warm welcome she has received from the ADH family!


Each week though our Community Outreach Program, we visit many assisted and independent living facilities on Maui, including Roselani Place in Kahului.  The residents enjoyed sharing the stories of their dogs with us, and Marshal enjoyed spending time with new and old friends! 

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