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  July 2015 Volume 15 Issue 7  


Micaela and  Service Dog Inca

& Ian and Service Dog Nelson

We have just finished another Team Training Camp here on Maui and both teams are a match made in heaven! Micaela, 21, lives on Oahu, where she is a college student and accomplished musician. "I couldn't have asked for a smarter, more beautiful service dog than Inca", says Micaela. "She is going to help me reach my goals in life so much easier. I already love her so much."

Ian is a bright 7 year old boy with Cerebral Palsy and Autism. He is partnered with Service Dog Nelson, who is already totally devoted to Ian. Nelson will accompany Ian to school each day, where he will help carry his books, open doors and pick up dropped items. Ian's mom Genya says, "We can already see the incredible impact that Nelson will have on Ian's life. Thank you to everyone who made it possible for us to receive such a wonderful dog. We had no idea how great he would be!" 

New Puppies on campus!

We are in puppy heaven this summer with 12 Labrador puppies on campus that are under 8 weeks old! Maggie's litter of 7 and Ipo's litter of 5 have combined to become what we affectionately call the dirty dozen! The puppies come from long lines of Guide Dogs, are all very healthy and have exceptional temperaments. Click on the above picture link to see photos of the puppies at work and at play. (Yes....They have already started training!!)

"The purpose of life is not to be happy. It is to be useful, to be honorable, to be compassionate, to have it make some difference that you have lived and lived well."

 -- Ralph Waldo Emerson

Doggie Day Spa

The Animal Clinic of Honolulu is holding its 5th annual fundraiser on August 30th from 11am to 3pm. All proceeds from the event will be donated to Assistance Dogs of Hawaii and the Hawaii Cat Foundation. Festivities will include games, live music, food and drinks. If you and your dog want an excuse to cool off, there will also be water wars and a dog wash. Hope to see you there!

Update: Courthouse Dog Astro

Astro has worked at the Monarch Children's Justice Center for the past two years. During that time, he has helped hundreds of children through the difficult legal process. He provides comfort and courage during forensic interviews, counseling sessions and medical exams.

Astro's partner and program director, Tambra Donohue, told us they have just reached a milestone as Astro recently accompanied a young child to the witness stand as they testified in a jury trial. Tambra reports, "the man was convicted and the prosecutor attributed much of the child's ability to testify in front of his perpetrator to the presence and comfort of Astro". 

Intern Update

Jennifer Billot arrived on Maui for a 6 month internship almost two years ago. Since then she has become an apprentice trainer, invaluable staff member and a beloved member of the ADH family. Her positive attitude, strong work ethic and organizational skills are appreciated by all. At just 23 years old, Jennifer is already earning her Master's Degree in Canine Studies and has a very promising career ahead of her. She will be returning to England when her student visa expires but will remain part of our ohana always.

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