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  November 2015 Volume 15 Issue 11  

Giving Thanks!

Mahalo to all of our dedicated volunteers, generous sponsors, and over 150 guests who made our "Giving Thanks" benefit event at the Waialae Country Club such a big success. Our inspiring graduate teams and puppies in training stole the show as those in attendance learned about the many ways that dogs can help those in need. Over $40,000 was raised to help us continue providing professionally trained Assistance Dogs and lifetime follow-up support free of charge. A special mahalo to our Top Dog sponsor, The King Auto Group, for their support!

Meet Our Newest Service Dog Team!

Congratulations to Micaela B. of Oahu, who graduated recently with Service Dog Inca. We are delighted to welcome Micaela and her family to the ADH ohana. Below is a letter Micaela wrote about her new partner and best friend....

"Inca and I were partnered together a few months ago and I can tell you it was love at first sight. It seems like we have been together a lifetime. People often ask me what she does and it's always hard coming up with an answer. How do you explain to people that Inca does much more than her over 90 commands? How do you tell a stranger that she will bark on command if I need help, but also lays with me when I am in pain? How do you explain the love between us that has grown so much within the last months? Usually I tell them that she retrieves and picks up items for me, which is a much simpler answer. Because of my disability, I often have trouble speaking and holding conversations, and Inca has made that easier for me. Everyone wants to meet her and know about her, she is a conversation starter. Her ability to turn on light switches, open and close doors and brace for me are all commands that help me throughout the day. Without Inca, I would be truly lost. My life will never be easy, but Inca has taken burdens from me and has allowed me to have true independence. It's thanks to Assistance Dogs of Hawaii that I was able to receive the other half of my heart. With Inca, my loyal and highly trained service dog by my side, I often forget about the challenges that I face. Being disabled is never easy, but Assistance Dogs of Hawaii has made my life and many others lives become easier and happier. As Robert Wagner said, 'A dog will teach you unconditional love. If you can have that in your life, things won't be too bad.'"

2016 Puppy Calendars Now Available!

Welcome in the new year with festive photos of some of our Heroes in Training! Purchase one of our new and adorable "2016 Puppy Calendars", now selling for only $20 online (includes Priority Shipping) or for $15 in various pet shops and vet clinics on Maui and Oahu. 100% of the proceeds benefit Assistance Dogs of Hawaii and support all of our Future Heroes! LINK

November Puppy Pin Up - Skipper!

Skipper is 5 months old and is one of the most mature puppies we've ever had! His calm, thoughtful, and affectionate nature is impossible to resist, and he melts the heart of everyone he meets. Skipper is also one of our most well-traveled puppies. He's already visited hospitals, malls, beaches, and restaurants. He most recently made an appearance at our 2015 Giving Thanks Benefit where he took center stage and stole the show! His patient and gentle nature make him well suited to the duties of a Service Dog, and we have high hopes for his future!

"A kind gesture can reach a wound that only compassion can heal "

 -- Steve Maraboli 

Kaunoa Senior Services Visit!

Recently we enjoyed a visit from a wonderful group of volunteers from Kaunoa Senior Services.  This fun and enthusiastic group watched our program video and were impressed by the Service Dog demonstration by Vanesa and Akamai. Despite the rainy weather, the volunteers got to work and helped us to clean, weed, and even planted new flowers for our front entrance! It was hard to tell who enjoyed the visit more, the participants or the dogs! Mahalo to Kaunoa Senior Services!!

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