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  June 2016 Volume 16 Issue 06  

Graduate Spotlight: Leo and Akamai

Akamai is one of our most beloved and well trained dogs of all time! He participated in the scent detection research study, has worked with veterans with PTSD, and now has his forever home with the Kuboi family on Oahu. Aka has always loved children, and his new partner is 6 year old Leo, who has limited mobility, sight impairment, and seizures. Aka is trained to bark to alert Leo's parents when a seizure begins. One benefit they weren't expecting is how much Leo is comforted by Aka's presence, and that his seizures have become much shorter in duration when Aka lays his head on him. Congratulations Leo and Aka!

Puppy of the Month: Toby

Toby is a beautiful black labrador retriever who is being raised by Sandy From and her family. These longtime puppy raisers do a great job socializing the puppies by taking them to lots of school activities and sporting events. Toby's parents are Maggie and Nelson, who are both star Service Dogs! Toby is a calm and confident pup who will be starting Advanced Training at our Maui Campus soon. 

"A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself"

 -- Josh Billings 

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Welcome Annie and Ava!

We are happy to present our newest puppies in training, Annie and Ava! These two spunky and sweet Golden Retriever puppies came all the way from the Guide Dog School in Australia to start their training as Assistance Dogs, and we couldn't be more excited about their futures. These two "A" puppies also represent the start of our fourth time through the alphabet naming puppies. They help remind us of all the wonderful dogs who have graduated from our campus over the years. Annie and Ava have some big paws to fill, but we have confidence that these two are meant for great things! 

Tommy Bahama's    Dog Days of Summer!

Come join us and our puppies in training at the Tommy Bahama store in The Shops at Wailea on Sunday, July 17th from noon to 5 p.m. 10% of all sales will go towards helping us to provide Assistance Dogs as well as lifetime follow up support free of charge. We will be outside the store providing information on Assistance Dogs and the amazing work that they do. We hope that you can join our staff, volunteers, and puppies in training to celebrate the Dog Days of Summer. Mahalo to all of our friends at Tommy Bahama!

Emmanuel Lutheran Learns About Assistance Dogs

This month we were invited to visit the Emmanuel Lutheran Summer School Program. On this visit, students learned about the different types of Assistance Dogs and how they're selected, trained, and cared for. They also learned about different types of disabilities, as well as safety tips when meeting a dog for the first time. The students also got to observe a training demonstration done by our new intern Gina and Assistance Dog Ranger, who is almost done with his Graduate Training Class. Go team!

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