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July 2011 en plein air
all about Monhegan Island...
all about Monhegan

Jacqueline uses M.Graham oil paints

Preferred by artists for over five centuries...

oil color ground in walnut oil provides rich, vibrant color with greater freedom of control over all types of painting application. Free flowing and slower drying, walnut oil enables delicate passages of finely blended color, rich jewel-like glazes or juicy full brush application with no addition of solvents. Because of walnut oil's unique refractive index and non-yellowing nature, colors ground in this fine oil are naturally more alive and brilliant. They retain their clarity and are free from the discoloration associated with other drying oils.

Next plein air painting Workshops

Spaces still available.

Call toll free at 800 393-7270 for more information

July 24 - 25, 2011 Niagara on the Lake, Ontario

October 1 -2, 2011 Niagara Falls, Ontario

Want to stay with us during the Monhegan Workshop ?


We have 2 dbl occupancy spaces available for the night of

August 7 through August 12


Inclusive package with the workshop fee and kitchen and common areas privileges - light breakfast included.

Enjoy the comfort and freedom of  home away from home !

Contact me at islandartist2@yahoo.com  or 1.800.393.7270

during studio hours 9-5

We are located right on the harbor with beautiful sunset views.




10 years ago, I started a plein air organization called

International Plein Air Painters

Still time to register free online for the

9th annual Great WORLDWIDE Paint Out

just go to


Join in the fun with Official IPAP merchandise here


Once you expand your creative imagination,

you can never revert to your previous state...

To manifest something you want to happen

in  your life,

you have to first make the decision

that you want it...

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Ready for summer ?

The annual trip to Monhegan Island is always the highlight of my creative journey. The inspiration on the island fuels my spirit during the long Eastern winters.

Each year I meet the most interesting people to share the island with. People who, by the time they leave, share my love and excitement about this special place.

If you have not had the opportunity to visit the island, come along with us as we show you some of the highlights of the island and the workshops I organize...


The gorgeous sunset from our Harbor House...

The Island that time forgot...

From the approach of the mainland, Monhegan and near by Island of Manana look the the back of a great whale. We start our journey on one of the ferry boats that take us about 10 miles out into the Atlantic. Of the many interesting passengers on the boat, some may be fellow artists, writers or birdwatchers. Some may become your neighbors and some may be checking out the Island for a day trip.

Monhegan attracts the most unique individuals. It's kept me interested and coming back for many years. This tiny island has many glimpses of what life may have been like a century or more ago. Many cottages have no electricity and on an evening stroll after the fabulous sunset, you'll see the soft glow of kerosene lamps in cottage windows along the road.

Monhegan Island Painting workshop video

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to watch the VIDEO

Monhegan Photos and comments






Like to learn more about painting on Monhegan Island ?

 Check out the workshop page HERE

See some of the comments and video clips from previous participants on this page COMMENTS


 Have a wonderful, creative summer and thanks for reading...


Call me toll free at 1- 800-393-7270 most days I'm here from 9-5
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