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April 2009 I hope you dance
At the end of the day...
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You already know...

you already know from my last newsletter that I believe in synchronicity.

Simple humorous definition:
The other night we stopped at Borders book store -I usually head towards psychology, science or metaphysical studies. Mostly because their art section really sucks.

I started in psychology and looked across to see they had moved the metaphysical studies and it was beckoning me to the 2 comfy empty chairs. I accepted... and politely waited while someone was seriously studying the Eckhart Tolle section. I moved to the section and picked up a book on synchronicity - just then an employee reaching for a top shelf, blurted out 'watch out' as a book directly over my head flew by & got deflected by ? and landed on the floor to my right. I laughed and said 'at least we're in the right section' then looked down at the title of the book I held and it said

'There are no accidents' Robert H. Hopcke ( $15.00)

Online I was directed to the book on Amazon for $.01

Now, the employee picked up the fallen book, so I'd like to think that I got the message I was supposed to and that she recognized hers :)



Jacq uses M. Graham Oil paints

Recently, there was a news program dedicated to a young soldier sadly being returned to his family and hometown. As I watched the images of the people lining the street for a final goodbye, the song I hope you dance was played. I'd never heard it before. So, the words go, if you have the choice to sit it out, or dance, I hope you dance...I hope you dance

As Spring arrives and Easter is here, I'm reminded of an Easter egg hunt when I was in 3rd grade at the home of my teacher. I had been a sickly child for a few years and as all the kids ran around and found the eggs and treasures, I was the only one who found none.

When it came time to go home, she called to me in front of all the other kids and said she had something for me. She came back and handed me a real treasure, my first 'professional' artist kit. I hugged it all the way home.

I said Thank You, Mrs Varieur.

Wish I could say this to her now, 'you shaped my life.'

So, at the end of the day...

all you or I can really be, is the best authentic us.

Quick Links to workshops


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Past workshops -Day in an Artist's Studio, Niagara Falls & Fabulous Sarasota/Longboat Key

2nd Annual Day in an Artist's Studio VIDEO clickHERE

Painting from life gives you the space to play with creativity. No copying from photographs can compare. An example : a painting of a boat from a photograph, can enable you to technically copy the dimensions of the object from the 2 dimensional photo to your 2 dimensional painting surface. A painting of a boat from life, creates an artwork filtered through the natural light, smells, sounds and feelings of the location.

This workshop is meant as an Intro to painting from life and a step towards plein air painting and is held annually at my studio in Niagara Falls.


CLICK HERE to see a short video of the Sarasota workshop

Yes, it really was fabulous - the location, the weather, the artists...

Most of my week was spent at the Ca D'Zan on the Ringling estate in Sarasota.
I first fell in love with the Ca D'Zan 20 years ago. The marble terrace overlooking Sarasota Bay is a step back in time. I could easily have spent a month painting there.

NEW Sarasota workshop in the fall - watch for dates...



The Ca D'Zan - Oil on linen - 12" x 12" framed


Join us in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina April 25 & 26 !

Workshops to me, should be safe havens to experiment, look around corners and question yourself. They're a place to try ideas, share ideas and have a nurturing place to connect to other artists.

It's hard to describe the experience and bonding that takes place in a workshop, where people accept your ideas and give you the room to expand your creativity. It's a high, better than any drug can produce. But, it is highly addictive ! And you do find yourself sneaking time when ever you can to reproduce the effect.

A staple in most Artist's libraries is a book called the Art Spirit by Robert Henri. I still have my original copy. It sold for $2.95.

LOW art is just telling things, as There is the night. High art gives the feel of the night. The latter is nearer reality although the former is a copy. A painter should be interested not in the incident but in the essence of his subject.Robert Henri

10:00am - 4:30pm
$250.00 pp - workshop only

See WEBSITE for details or call 1 800 393-7270

Monhegan Island Aug. 10-14 - Chicken Soup for the Soul (honest !)

Monhegan Island has always been the most popular workshop that I have done.(see below **)

9:00am - 4:00pm for 5 days
$450.00 pp - workshop only

Monhegan is wonderful for nature walks, hiking, birding, searching for fairy houses, watching performances in a one room schoolhouse, casual conversations with interesting characters, gourmet dinners, golden sun, panoramic views, silky fog, reading a favorite book near the oceans edge or catching some rays and a snooze (multi tasking), meeting a friend over a latte, sharing your day over dinner,and watching scarlet and cherry vanilla sunsets.

And painting....

monhegan7061 032_1


John Sterling Harbor House (my place during the workshop)

1 double occupancy room is available for female students - click HERE for details. Inquire now .

2 Packages includes workshop and dbl.occupancy room.
And for other accomodations available see HERE


Informal critiques...


Where the boats come in...


Monhegan House in background with church lawn sale -oh, treasures !


This is painting on the backside of the island where the cliffs reach 165 ft above sea level. A breathtaking view.


CLICK HERE to see videos of the island and last years workshop.

**Once, in past, I had about 22 artists in the workshop - even with
help, it was not an ideal situation. I put the limit at 15 and have had , in the past, to start a waiting list, in the event of cancellation by someone. A few times this worked. But, this year, I've added a weekend workshop. The 5 day will be filled first and if needed, we still have the weekend workshop.

Studio Phone: Toll free 800 393-7270 Mon-Sat 9-5pm
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