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June 2009
Do you know what defines you ?
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Nothing defines you other than successful delivery of your own life's purpose
(found on twitter )by Doug Kirchmann
This week we lost two of our American Icons
When we experience an unsettling jolt such as this, it forces us to ask ourselves 'Am I living my life's purpose ?'
None of us has forever here.

We all mourn the extinguishing of the creative flame, and reflect on our own yearnings. If you think there will always be time, or that someday, you'll have time for yourself, sometimes it doesn't work that way. Life gets in the way. Asking for what you need, puts a positive focus on you, it's not at all selfish.
When you're fulfilled, you benefit those around you the most.


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Jacq uses M. Graham Oil paints









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A new workshop in

Bend, Oregon

July 2010


Quick Links to workshops


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Past workshops - Niagara Falls, Myrtle Beach and Niagara on the Lake

 "BRIDAL VEIL" - Niagara Falls

Oil on linen - 12" x 12" framed


Please have a look at our 3 minute video
Niagara Falls Workshop VIDEO click HERE

The weather was just perfect (of course I always put in my order ahead of time).

On day 1, we painted in the Niagara Falls State Park, right at the brink of the American Falls. People were very curious about what we were doing and we visited and exchanged cards with a few.
In the afternoon, we painted near the upper rapids. The park is just so beautiful, we wanted to stay as long as possible. It has wonderful feng shui, so relaxing and yet exciting at the same time. I always feel at home anywhere in NYS.
Day 2, they asked if they could paint on the Canadian side.I think I have the only workshops that can run 2 days and paint in 2 different Countries !

NEWS - 1 Day Workshops HERE

New for Summer 2009 "ART in The GARDENS"

Watercolor Journalling

Pochade painting

Botanical Gardens, Niagara Falls, Ontario

New York State Park, Niagara Falls, New York

Check Calendar for dates added in the next week.


This workshop is an annual painting workshop is held at a few different locations near Myrtle Beach in April each year.

The week was full of surprises due to the wild fires that spread all around the Myrtle Beach area and forced me to evacuate twice as the fires were so unpredictable due to gusts of wind.



The view of one of the fires behind where I was staying


NEW Sarasota workshop in the Fall - still looking at dates...

What's your opinion ????

the 3rd week in October or the first week in Nov. look more interesting to you ?


Niagara on the Lake - VIDEO CLICK HERE - Acrylic painting workshop


Painting from the Heart

Why attend a workshop ?

In a workshop atmosphere, where you are around like minded individuals, it's easier to learn something new. It's a concentrated focus and you are able to retain and put to use the info offered.

When I taught at various art centers and places like the YWCA, classes typically lasted 3 hours and took place over a series of 6 weeks. Many people continued one class after another. The typical scenario is, arrive at class, get your painting out of storage, get your paints and materials set up, grab a cup of coffee and settle in to paint. Now, there's about 2.5 hours left.

The next phase was the 'let's see where was I' ? So colors begin getting mixed and the 'matching' phase starts. Hard to just jump in after a week away from a painting. You would get to paint for about 2 hours - make a little progress if you were lucky and begin to clean up and put away your painting to be revisited next week. Doesn't sound very exciting does it ?

A plein air painting workshop or any kind of workshop, should point you towards a goal.(*see below)
Studying is great but, at some point in the Arts - it's all in your hands.

I was lucky enough to have had the wonderful artist Lawrence C. Goldsmith,AWS, as a friend and mentor for over 30 years. It was an inspiration for me to just be able to paint alongside him. Did I end up painting like him ? - absolutely not. But, then, I gravitated toward him because I was already experimenting with the universal image.
I paint outdoors - I have since the mid seventies. It's where I get my inspiration. I'm never out there wondering what to paint.

Most people who paint, or want to learn to paint, or practice any of the Arts, do so initially to express themselves. To be an eternal student in some art class, will never allow this to happen because, it doesn't come from the Heart. --

My workshop participants are usually looking for a jump start, a direction or just a fun and satisfying experience.


* Goals : Students at the end of a 5 day workshop will be able to recognize a strong composition and see values using grisalle. This will enable them to make decisions when doing problem solving on their own, painting on location.
Grisaille studies, directly on canvas will enable students to commit to a composition and value plan instead of constantly adjusting their values and shadows, commonly known as ‘chasing the light’. This eliminates the
also common fragmented, unfocused painting.


You will learn the tools to enable you to develop a style and make decisions based on good composition, lighting and color when working on your own.


The greatest good we can do for others is not just to share our riches with them, but to reveal theirs.
Zig Ziglar

Monhegan Island, Maine Aug. 10-14 - Express Yourself

Click Here for Monhegan Island info

9:00 am - 4:00 pm for 5 days
$450.00 pp - workshop only

Daily demos, fun critiques and we all get together for a 'Lobstah Dinner'(or whatever) at Shermies, right on Fish Beach, as a Farewell gathering.


John Sterling Harbor House (my place during the workshop)




1 double occupancy room is available for female students - click HERE for details. Inquire now .

2 Packages includes workshop and dbl.occupancy room.
And for other accomodations available see HERE

Call toll free 1 800 393-7270

Monhegan Workshop Info HERE

Talk soon...


Studio Phone: Toll free 800 393-7270 Mon-Sat 9-5pm
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