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February 2012  
New Services Offered By Sitting In A Tree

Relationship Repair

Although Sitting In A Tree's core business is focused on helping single people find suitable matches for long-term, committed relationships...we have recently expanded our service offering to include couples.  Much of the work that we do with our single clientele involves coaching in the following areas: 

  • Non-verbal and verbal communication
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Self-esteem
  • Self-presentation
  • Personal boundary definition, negotiation and navigation
  • Social intelligence
  • Physical interaction
  • Creating and maintaining emotional attraction
  • Intimacy IQ
  • Conflict resolution and problem-solving
  • Managing third parties (such as meddling parents or ex-spouses)
  • Overcoming cultural barriers
  • Dealing with financial stress and pressure
  • Coordinating conflicting custody schedules
  • And the list goes on...

Many couples are in a relationship that they believe is worth maintaining, however, they recognize that there is either something missing or broken.  In those instances where separation and/or divorce are not options, some couples may choose the route of counselling.  While we are not licensed therapists or physicians, we have been able to leverage our arsenal of coaching skills in the acquisition of several new couple clients.  If you or someone you know might be in need of such services, please contact:  info@sittinginatree.com.

The Gay Community

Sitting In A Tree understands and respects all sexual orientations and believes that the Gay and Lesbian community has been underserviced in the professional matchmaking industry.  As part of our 2012 expansion we are pleased to announce that we are now accepting gay and lesbian clients.  Since the January 2012 launch of this division it has become a popular segment of our business.

New Clients for February 2012

We are happy to welcome the following new clients to our roster:

In The Women's Division:

  1. 61 years.  Widow.  Attractive, petite, professionally accomplished, sophisticated.  Seeking long-term companion.
  2. 47 years.  Divorced.  Two teenage sons.  Employed corporately.  Attractive and fit.  Seeking long-term relationship leading to marriage.
  3. 44 years.  Divorced.  Three children.  Attractive and fit.  Seeking long-term relationship leading to marriage.
  4. 35 years.  Never been married.  Cute and petite.  Works in the health care industry.  Seeking a life partner for marriage and children.
  5. 28 years.  Never been married.  Loves the outdoors, travelling and attending concerts.  Cute and athletic.  Seeking a life partner for a long-term relationship leading to marriage and children.

In The Men's Division:

  1. 54 years.  Never been married.  Well-employed in the financial industry.  Small build, big heart.  Seeking a life partner.
  2. 65 years.  Divorced.  Self-employed entrepreneur who is financially stable.  Light-hearted, compassionate and handsome.  Seeking a long-term companion.
  3. 34 years.  Never been married.  Cute and stocky.  Investment banker.  Enjoys the nightlife.  Great sense of humour and love of life.  Seeking a relationship.
  4. 36 years.  Never been married.  Tall with medium build.  Self-employed and financially stable.  Funny, kind and loyal.  Seeking a long-term relationship.

Sitting In A Tree Media Appearances

I had another great visit with Dina Pugliese on Breakfast Television on February 6th (the day after The Superbowl - if I look tired, it's because I was).  You can see my segment here: 


On February 14th, I appeared on CTV's "A.M. Express" with Dan Matheson and Jacqueline Milczarek.  I don't have a clip of the segment but it was a great experience. 

On February 15th, I had a blast with some of the most amazing teenagers I've had the opportunity of meeting.  I appeared as the guest expert on Roger's "teenZtalk".  You can view the entire episode here:  http://www.rogerstv.com/page.aspx?lid=237&rid=17&sid=4684&gid=91464

Here are my most recent ShalomLife articles:




Here is a radio show I did in October 2011 for a Ryerson journalism student. I just got my hands on the link: http://www.rbnonline.ca/media/18339/.  My segment starts at 35 minutes and 54 seconds.

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Toronto Job Opportunities

Sitting In A Tree is growing!

In addition to the appointment of a Director, Men's Division last month we are expanding next month with the addition of Relationship Consultant assistants and Social Media Coordinators.  Both roles are part-time.  The Relationship Consultant assistant positions are commission-based to start, with the possibility of advancement and salary in the future.  The Social Media Coordinator roles are hourly.  All interested parties should e-mail their résumés to:  stacie@sittinginatree.com.  Job descriptions and further information about either role will only be provided to applicants who are being considered.  For the Relationship Consultant assistant positions, selected candidates will be invited to an information session in March.

Corporate Opportunities outside of Sitting In A Tree

If you, or someone you know, are interested in learning more about the opportunities below, kindly send your résumé to:  info@sittinginatree.com.  Job descriptions and further information about the roles will only be provided to selected applicants.

  • Digital Project Manager
  • Sales and Marketing Manager - Real Estate (low rise home construction)
  • Retail Store Designer
  • Creative Director - Retail Advertising

Spring is Coming...

As much as we dislike clichés, we do believe that with the spring comes new beginnings as those who have been hibernating throughout the winter start to re-emerge.  While Sitting In A Tree focuses on creating romantic new beginnings for you, let renovation and custom new build service provider Opus Construction - help you with your residential new beginnings.  Opus Construction has come highly recommended from several of our readers and we are happy to pass their information along to you.  If you are interested in learning more about their services please contact:  odesignbuild@gmail.com.  Please cite this newsletter in order to qualify for a reduced rate.

How To Reach Sitting In A Tree:

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