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November 2012  

What's New

It's been more than six months since we've put out a newsletter and hope that this communication comes as a pleasant surprise.  We know how inundated you are with e-mails, newsletters, and spam and thank you for your continued support and enthusiasm toward the Sitting In A Tree newsletter.  We appreciate the positive (and constructive) feedback we've received to date, and love hearing from our readers. 

We've been keeping busy managing new client portfolios and projects.  We're elated about three recent matches who, at this time, wish to remain anonymous until their relationships are further solidified.  We are also feeling tremendous job satisfaction having recently learned from three separate coaching clients that they are engaged in happy, healthy and potentially long-term relationships, which they have directly attributed to Sitting In A Tree's guidance, perspective, insight and dating tools.

After much consideration and multiple requests, we have decided to disclose some of our "vanilla" pricing options on the website (http://www.sittinginatree.com).  We hope this will assist prospective clients in their decision-making process and ensure that all inquiries are from those with a genuine interest in making their love life a top priority.  This information will be available by December 1, 2012.

On a related note, while we no longer offer complimentary in-person consultations, phone consultations continue to be complimentary.  If you or someone you know are considering a matchmaker, we invite you to visit our website (http://www.sittinginatree.com) and complete the short contact form to initiate the consultation process.

In The Media

While keeping busy servicing our existing roster of clients, our Founder, Stacie Ikka, continues to be a sought-after media resource and industry expert.

Below, please find Sitting In A Tree's media activities and contributions since our last newsletter edition in February 2012.

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Please stay tuned for Sitting In A Tree's early 2013 article in the glossy, and somewhat risqué magazine - American Curves.

NXNEi and Rogers TV - June 2012

NXNEi is Toronto's most dynamic and well-travelled music conference (http://nxne.com/interactive). This past June, Stacie had the unique opportunity of co-hosting a panel titled "Dating In The Digital Age", where she enthusiastically teamed up with three diverse and equally-interesting dating and relationship experts - Kim Hughes (media guru), Sofi Papamarko (sex columnist), and Kimberly Moffitt (psychotherapist/author). It was an exhilarating experience, where the panel fielded many questions from the pleasantly full room of attendees - including how each felt dating has changed in the last 20 years. What was most stimulating for Stacie was the rare opportunity to share her often unpopular views among her peers, and to hear and respond to their varying perspectives on what continues to evade and mystify the typical dater.

<span class=NXNEI

Unfortunately, there was no after-partying for Stacie - despite NXNE's reputation for knowing how to throw a great party. Duty called, requiring Stacie to brave rush-hour traffic to attend her second appearance on Rogers TV's teenzTalk. She zig-zagged from one end of the city to the other (Peter and King Streets in downtown Toronto to Yonge and Elgin Mills in Richmond Hill) and prayed the teens would go easy on her. That proved to be an unrealistic expectation, as the panel was particularly rambunctious that night. I'll post the link in the next newsletter - it's currently M.I.A.

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Sitting In A Tree is turning two on November 19th.  In lieu of a party, we are hosting a contest where the winner will win a $500 cash prize.  To submit an entry, please go to www.sittinginatree.com and tell us about your fabulous, yet single, friend via the Contact Form.  You may submit as many unique contact forms as you'd like (i.e. each Contact Form must represent a different friend).  For your submission to qualify as a valid entry into the draw, your friend must be advised and must be willing to participate in a complimentary phone consultation.  Entries are being accepted November 15th through to December 22nd, 2012.  The draw for the cash prize will take place on or before December 31, 2012.

Sitting In A Tree is excited to be launching a self-published Online Dating eBook in the New Year - the first in a series of dating aids.  With our tendency toward innovative and creative dating strategies, we are confident that the material covered in the book will help well-intentioned online (and offline) daters better navigate the choppy seas of online dating.  Please stay tuned for more details with respect to the book launch.

Career Opportunities with Sitting In A Tree

In addition to the appointment of a Director, Men's Division early last year, we are thrilled with the latest addition to our team - Tara Lawless, who has been working tirelessly as a Marketing and Social Media Coordinator extraordinaire for the last quarter.

We are excited to continue to grow and expand the team. We are currently accepting applications for the following positions:
  • Marketing Analyst
  • Social Butterfly
  • Online Matchmaker

Interested applicants are invited to send their resumes without a cover letter to: info@sittininatree.com with "Job Opportunity" in the subject line before Friday, November 23, 2012.

If you do not wish to receive this newsletter, we will not take it personally (OK, we might)…but it’s your choice, and we respect that.  Perhaps you know someone who would be more interested in receiving this?  Please – whatever you do – don’t mark this as spam.  It is certainly not our intention – to be annoying, or to spam.  Please simply unsubscribe.  Sitting In A Tree exists with the intention of bringing more love into the world, one connection at a time.  Our goal is to inspire a love movement.  Please don't be a hater.

People and Events We Support

Wanna Laugh?

On November 24th at the City Playhouse (Thornhill) the Imagine Autism Foundation (IAF) is hosting ‘Stand Up for Autism’ - a comedy event raising money to help fund the expensive IBI programs for families with children with autism. IAF is thrilled to report that tickets for the event are SOLD OUT, however, they are actively seeking sponsors and monetary donations to help them reach their fundraising goal of $50,000.  Please consider supporting this worthwhile initiative by contacting:  info@imagineautism.org

All funds raised will go towards families that are enrolled at Autism Therapy & Training Inc. and towards opening new centers around the GTA.  For further information please visit Imagine Autism Foundation's website (www.imagineautism.org) or contact them at .info@imagineautism.org.  Their telephone number is:  289-474-5075.

Looking To Buy or Sell a Home in Toronto?

Sitting In A Tree recommends Ira Jelinek for all of your real estate needs. Native to Toronto - a place he knows, loves, and proudly calls "home" - Ira's passion and commitment to his clients is evident, as is his razor-sharp focus on his singular professional goal: to exceed clients' expectations by delivering excellence - in service and results - each and every time. It's no wonder he is a repeat Top Producer and member of his brokerage's prestigious "Chairman's Club". If you're in the market, we strongly encourage you to contact Ira at: ira@agentira.com. You'll immediately appreciate his sense of urgency and professionalism.

Is Your Body Image Weighing You Down? (pun kinda intended)

Given the nature of the work we do at Sitting In A Tree, it is rare that our discovery process doesn't uncover a plethora of body image issues among clients and candidates...perhaps surprisingly (to some), these issues are not exclusive to women.

We invite you to visit www.selenastevens.bodybyvi.com to educate yourself on "The Challenge" for this innovative, results-producing, nutrition-focused health program. Unlike P90X, Body By Vi focuses more on the nutrition element of weight loss, fitness and overall well-being, incorporating less boot-camp-P90-esque workouts so that the program has a broader reach of who they can support. The program was designed to assist individuals regardless of their fitness levels, age/physical limitations and weight-loss goals.

Stacie knows Selena personally and has watched - from a distance - as she has employed the "Body By Vi" program and techniques to completely overhaul her own body, augment her fitness level and accumulate several personal fitness-related accomplishments. We are excited to promote her latest endeavour and encourage you to contact her through the website. We are equally excited to take on The Challenge ourselves and will keep you posted on results.

Sweet Tooth?  Planning a Holiday Party?

There's a young woman who Stacie loves like family.  Her name is Joy Katz and Stacie used to be her (coolest...obviously) babysitter.  Joy, now a married mother of two active little boys, is a successful entrepreneur along with her sassy business partner, Carlee Jelinek...who Stacie also loves but never babysat.  :-) 

If you are looking for gourmet cakes, cookies and cupcakes, look no further...and be sure to get your holiday orders in ASAP.  http://www.bakedwithjoy.com

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