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James Gregory


Well! Here we go again! Michael Bloomberg, the mayor of New York City, is proposing an unprecedented ban on large servings of soda and other sugary drinks. This applies to restaurants, delis, sports arenas and events, movie theaters, etc. Mayor Bloomberg said, "The percentage of the population that is obese is skyrocketing, we've got to do something."

This new ordinance (law) pertains to any sugary drink more than 16 ounces. By the way, this ban would not apply to fruit juice drinks. Nor would it apply to dairy-based products. You can drink all the orange juice, milkshakes and smoothies you so desire. There's up to 600 calories in some of those smoothies, even more in some milkshakes. Enjoy yourself; drink all you want, in any quantity, as long as it's not soft drinks. Soft drinks will make you fat.

Also, a New York school district is combating obesity by making overweight students wear electronic activity monitors. The devices measure heart rate, physical movement and sleeping patterns so Bay Shore school officials can track whether fat students are physically active.

Let's continue along in "America's Greatest City", New York. New York City's new sensitivity guidelines for standardized tests ban 50 undesirable words that might "evoke unpleasant emotions in students". Three of the 50 words that are prohibited in the classroom are "birthdays", "Halloween" and "junk food".

About a month ago, when writing about the squatters in Central Park and around Wall Street, I spoke eloquently about the paradise in Cuba. I will add to that. There are no fat people in Cuba. That's not a joke. On any television news program or documentaries about Cuba you've ever seen you'll see no fat people. I challenge you to do so. Rent or buy a DVD and watch a documentary about Cuba. I promise you the only fat person you'll see there is Michael Moore. Of course, Mr. Moore doesn't live there. He's just there for a few days visiting the Castro family, after which he gets his fat ass back to America so he can eat.

Yes, it's so safe and secure in Cuba, especially for the children. There's no fast food, no McDonald's or Happy Meals there. The government makes sure of all that. There are no soft drinks and other sugary drinks there. The government makes sure of all that. In Cuba children are never permitted to "evoke unpleasant emotions". The government makes sure of all that.

Listen up parents, this gets even better. There's no texting and driving there. There are no cell phones there and virtually no cars. The government makes sure of all that. There's no classroom violence in school. The citizens of Cuba are not permitted to own guns or any type of deadly weapons. The government makes sure of all that.

When I refer to Cuba as Utopia, a paradise, I do so sarcastically. We should remind ourselves about what a slippery slope we are on and how dangerously close we are to falling off the cliff.

We've all heard the expression "Be careful what you wish for, you just might get it.
" I urge my fellow Americans to please be careful, be vigilant and think...please think! The people of Cuba have risked their lives trying to get to America and they continue to do so. They would love to move anywhere in America, even if it's in New York.

Oh, I almost forgot - there are a few things in Cuba the people don't have: freedom, liberty and the right of the individual. The Cuban people yearn to be free. It's ironic and sad that the American people are now voluntarily demanding to be shackled.

Until next time,
God bless everybody and God bless America!

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