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Hey! Have you heard James' rant on John Boy and Billy that generated rave reviews? 
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James Gregory


I grew up in a house with lead paint and an asbestos ceiling. A house with no central heat or air. As a teenager, I drove cars with no seat belts and pumped leaded gas. I grew up in a home full of guns. My dad had a shotgun, a rifle and a handgun. When I was sixteen, I got a rifle and ammo. When I was a kid, there were no metal detectors or police cars on school property. I guess I should be dead, but I'm not!

I grew up in a time with no internet, no computers, no cell phones, no texting and no email. When I was in school, we were not allowed to use a calculator in class. And, of course, we couldn't "Google" anything. I should be ignorant, but I'm not!

As a kid, I ate white bread with hot dogs, hamburgers and baloney sandwiches. I had french fries and fried chicken. I drank whole milk, sweet tea and sodas. Every dessert my mother made included real butter and real sugar. And we took it to school and shared it with the teacher. I should weigh four hundred pounds, but I don't!

When I was growing up, I had no designer clothes or expensive sneakers. I wasn't the best looking or the smartest guy in school. I was not an athlete. I didn't play football. But when we did play games, we kept score. And often times, my team was the loser. I should have self-esteem issues, but I don't! My mother was not a soccer mom. My mother had no concern about the playground. Her concern was my homework.

I didn't go to college. I don't know what an SAT score is. I don't know what my IQ is. I should be a failure, but I'm not! Virtually every week of his life, my dad went to work or went out looking for work. I am my father's son.

One generation ago the government was fighting the Cold War. Now they're fighting Slurpees and Happy Meals. One generation ago school teachers were teachers. Now they're babysitters. A generation ago our friends were on the porch. Now they're on Facebook. A generation ago our neighbors were outside in the yard. Now they're inside online.

Recently, there was a poll/survey showing that the majority of young people between the ages of 18-25 are not as happy as previous generations. Wonder why? What's wrong with that picture?

I know - and you know - what's wrong. Political correctness and sensitivity has rendered common sense obsolete! I'm not against change - after all, you are receiving this via email. Maybe since I'm older, I should be out of touch. But I'm not!

Until next time,
God bless everybody and God bless America!

P.S., I offer my condolences to Sean Penn and Harry Belafonte. As you know, their friend Hugo Chavez died.

James Gregory Tour Dates
Coming up, I'll be in Georgia, Virginia, Kentucky, Alabama, Tennessee and North Carolina. Click here for details. -James

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The entire project was filmed in high definition and includes the most requested comedy routine of all time the Fat Woman After Dinner.

We're more excited about this than any in the past. This DVD would not be available if not for my good friends John Boy & Billy on The Big Show.

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