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James Gregory


I didn't get the chance to go to Nelson Mandela's funeral, I had to work. But, it appeared to be a fun event. Obviously, the Prime Minister of Denmark, the Prime Minister of Great Britain and the President of the United States had a blast. I found it refreshing, in a non-partisan way. Here we have three clowns ... a white conservative, a black liberal and a female moderate making asses of themselves and getting along so well with each other. Not one of them tried to throw a "monkey in the wrench" by saying, "Oh, come on guys, it's a funeral." I hope we can all learn from this. As the late Rodney King would say, "Can't we all just get along?"

The interpreter, the fake sign language guy, was hilarious. The deaf people watching on television must have thought they were seeing a documentary called Lost In Translation. The news reporters kept wondering, "Who is this guy, where did he come from?" I recognized him immediately. He was the webmaster for a/k/a Affordable Care Act a/k/a ObamaCare a/k/a You can stay on your mommy's policy 'til you're 26 years old a/k/a If you like your interpreter you can keep your interpreter.

There's been some more fun stuff in the news recently. Time magazine chose Pope Francis as its Person of the Year. That was a close call, Miley Cyrus was also on the short list. The only difference I know between Miley Cyrus and Billy Ray Cyrus is that Billy Ray can sing.

On the same week Time hit the stand with its Person of the Year, People magazine hit the stand with its annual Sexiest Man Alive issue. They chose Adam Levine. As subscription circulation numbers go, People outsells Time . Mr. Levine outsold the Pope. Time owns People, so I guess they were just covering their ass ... so to speak!

And even more good stuff. As you know, the federal government has banned trans fat. The government has not banned tobacco, it has not banned alcohol. Evidently, the government concluded that just way too many chain smoking alcoholics are killing themselves with pastries.

A friend and I recently had lunch at Cracker Barrel. We usually meet at Chick-Fil-A, but it was Sunday and they're closed on Sunday. We were discussing the most uplifting news story for 2013. Here it is ... Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty did not back down. The A&E network did. Jesse Jackson demanded a meeting with A&E. A&E wouldn't even return Jesse's call.

And here's a game my friend and I play ... at the end of the year we pick our favorite joke for the past 12 months. But, it has to be a one-word joke. My favorite was affluenza. His joke was Oprah.

In the past year a few words have been added to our vernacular. Besides the aforementioned affluenza, there's a few more we never heard before ... selfie, unfettered, and Adam Levine. And, of course, there's a few words that have been around for a while that we wish would go away ... infrastructure, transparency, Kardashian and the aforementioned Oprah.

Until next time,
God bless everybody and God bless America!

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