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May 2012 DARA Newsletter
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Dear Pauline Renard,

Please enjoy this update of DARA's ongoing activities.

DARA Recent Activities

Medical Literature Alert


A Letter to Dr. Bashar al-Assad


The following letter was sent to Dr. Bashar al-Assad on Monday March 19, 2012:

To:         Dr. Bashar al-Assad

              President of Syria

via          ImadMoustapha, Ph.D.

              Ambassador of Syria (US)

We are writing again out of deep concern how our (your)profession is prevented or penalized for carrying out their humanitarian dutiesin Syria.

We understand that some fifty four medical personnel(nurses, doctors, and medical students) have already been killed by yoursecurity forces.

As fellow medical professionals we raise our voices todemand an end to your forces’ murderous activities, stat!

Dr. Assad, you are besmirching the honour of the medicalprofession, whose basic humanitarian values you swore to uphold.

The Executive of DARA

Doctors Against Racism and Anti-Semitism

DARA Answers Call for Assistance

 DARA was contacted recently by our colleagues in Israel with a request for assistance over the potential for the cancellation of a major medical meeting ostensibly for political reasons.

With the help of high profile DARA members, a discussion was held with the conference organizers, and the conference will be proceeding as planned.


Over the past few years, DARA has been actively fighting against the discriminatory and xenophobic policies of nations hosting international, medical conferences where Israeli physicians are barred entry. While we have succeeded in persuading some sponsors of such meetings to withdraw sponsorship, the problem continues.  Most recently Israeli physicians were prevented from attending two major international conferences: The International Diabetes Federation meeting, and last week's World Heart Federation meeting, both held in Dubai.

Click here to read the full story.

 DARA is now embarking on an ambitious campaign to expose Dubai as a country which practises discrimination against physicians based on their nationality and thereby prevents them from attending meetings although they are deemed “international”.  Therefore Dubai should be excluded from the list of venues to host such conferences.  We will be partnering with our Israeli colleagues in this venture, and will be calling on DARA members to assist us in this endeavour.

Articles of Interest

Syrian surgeon: Why I'm risking my life to treat protesters

More than 8,000 people have been killed in Syria since the uprising began a year ago, and many more injured . Fearing ill-treatment at official hospitals, demonstrators have sought help at underground clinics. One Damascus surgeon tells his story.

Click here for the full story from BBC News Magazine

Angel of Africa: Israeli Doctor Helps Refugees

After three years of caring for thousands of sick patients in southern continent, Dr. Avigail Maayani returns to Israel to treat African refugees in Tel Aviv

Click here to view the full article

 DARA in the News

Humanitarian Works by Israeli Physicians

National Post 

Re: Heart of Tanzania, April 27th .
Many news stories about Israel are focused on the conflict with the Arab world. So it is heartwarming to read of the lifesaving work done by Israeli-trained doctors to treat children who otherwise would perish. The fact that most of these children come from countries that are avowed enemies of Israel makes no difference to the doctors who see them as patients in need of help.
The massive benefit Israel offers through its humanitarian actions such as those in Haiti after the earthquake or in Japan after the tsunami follows the Jewish obligation of Tikkun Olam (repairing the world).
The most effective way to do so is described by Maimonides as the highest level of charity. That is the empowerment of those in need to help themselves. In training Dr. Godwin Godfrey and setting up Tanzania’s first pediatric cardiac surgery unit, Israel has done exactly that.

Dr. Steve Samuel, chairman, Doctors Against Racism and Anti-Semitism, Toronto.

Medical Students Join DARA Executive

A Letter From DARAs Newest Executive Members:

As first year medical students at the University of Toronto we understand the importance of recognizing and opposing racism and anti-Semitism in the professional field. Even within our first year of medical school, some of us have personally encountered incidences of racism and anti-Semitism. This has inspired us to join DARA so that we can help make a difference in addressing these issues in the medical field and beyond.


Zack Bordman
Inna Genkin
Dina Gordon
Elan Panov

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