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The City of Burlington's Official Plan Review: January Update

January 11, 2013 

This update includes information about the upcoming Rural Summit and the Employment Lands review.

You're invited to attend the Rural Summit!

Join us at the Rural Summit where you will be able to participate in developing a vision for Burlington's rural area. 

Date:  Saturday, January 19, 2013

Time:  10 a.m. to 2 p.m.  Lunch will be provided.

Where:  Kilbride Public School Gymnasium, 6611 Panton Street Kilbride, Ontario 

City planning staff have prepared a background report providing:

  • statistics and highlights for the Rural Area
  • a presentation of the key planning policies
  • next steps in the Rural Area policy review for the Official Plan Review.

Copies of the background report will be available at the Rural Summit and are also available on our website.


Ms. Andrea Smith, MCIP, RPP, Acting Manager of Policy and Research, City of Burlington  (ph. 905-335-7600 ext. 7385; Andrea.Smith@burlington.ca)

Ms. Nisha Shirali, MCIP, RPP, Environmental Planner, City of Burlington (ph. 905-335-7600 ext. 7536;  Nisha.Shirali@burlington.ca)

We look forward to seeing you there!

Draft Employment Land Conversion Policies and, Proposed Strategic Assessment of Vacant Employment Land

The City is undertaking the second phase of the Employment Lands Study as part of the ongoing Official Plan Review process.  On December 10, 2012, Council received the Draft Employment Lands Study Phase 2 (part one and part two).

An Official Plan Review directions report will be considered by the Development and Infrastructure Committee on January 14th, 2013.  The staff report (including Appendix A, Appendix B, Appendix C and Appendix D) presents draft employment land conversion policies supported in principle by staff, subject to consultation.  The staff report also presents for consideration the initiation of a process for a combined effort by the Burlington Economic Development Corporation and the Planning and Building Department to conduct an assessment of the vacant employment land inventory.

Dates for consultation related both to the Employment Lands Study Phase 2 Draft Report and the draft conversion policies dates will be released in the coming weeks.


Ms. Andrea Smith, MCIP, RPP, Acting Manager of Policy and Research, City of Burlington (ph. 905-335-7600 ext. 7477; Andrea.Smith@burlington.ca

Ms. Alison Enns, MCIP, RPP, Acting Senior Planner - Policy , City of Burlington (ph. 905-335-7600 ext. 7536; Alison.Enns@burlington.ca)

Official Plan Review Video

Please visit our website to watch the Official Plan Review Video.


For more information on the Official Plan Review and how you can get involved...

The Official Plan Review team

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