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Email Delivery - Questions & Answers

We're always here to help. If you can't find an answer, feel free to contact us.

If you have questions about how you can create and design professional eye-catching emails in just a few clicks then you are in the right spot. This page has answers to some of the most commonly asked questions. The best way to experience all that Elite Email has to offer is by creating a free trial account.

• What does Elite Email do to make sure my emails get delivered?

We have relationships with ISPs, whitelist and blacklist providers around the globe to help ensure your message gets delivered to the inbox. Our ISP Relations department works on your behalf by sharing our policies and practices with ISPs thereby forging a relationship of trust between us and them. After all, ISPs want their customers to receive permission opt-in mailings and they trust Elite Email to screen all outgoing emails and only allow permission-based emails to be sent.

• Does Elite Email Marketing have spam feedback loops?

Yes! Elite Email has spam feedback loops with all the major ISPs and we are always working with new ISPs to help develop their feedback loop program. Having a feedback loop means that if someone clicks "This is spam" on AOL for example, a message is sent automatically to our system so that contact can be removed from your mailing list.

• Are outgoing emails screened for spam?

Yes! We pride ourselves on working with high quality clients who send out legitimate mailings. Our Email Review Dept. screens all outbound emails to stop any 'spam concerns' even before they are sent, thereby preserving our industry leading deliverability. If our Email Review Dept. sees anything 'spammy' in your email, they will alert you right away so that it can be corrected, which allows you to achieve the maximum result. We have proprietary algorithms to detect the risk of any given email based on several factors.

• Is Elite Email Can-Spam Compliant?

Absolutely! Elite Email is completely compliant with the Can-Spam Act of 2003. You don't have to do anything special since our wizards will make sure all the elements are in place for you automatically.

• What happens if I get a spam complaint?

As soon as a spam complaint is received, that contact is immediately permanently blocked from your account this way they will never receive another email from you. You can monitor the amount of complaints you receive directly in your account. Elite Email uses a sophisticated algorithm to calculate a sender's reputation. If you receive too many complaints, you may receive a call from our Support Staff to help you address the problem so that the complaints do not continue.

• Does Elite Email use email authentication technology?

We proudly employ every form of email authentication technology that is in use today including SPF, Sender ID, Domain Keys and DKIM. We are also actively involved in the industry so if there is a new technology, rest assured it will be included.

• Can I get Return Path certified?

Yes, Elite Email is a Return Path partner and can help you with the certification process.

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