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Email Creation - Questions & Answers

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If you have questions about how you can create and design professional eye-catching emails in just a few clicks then you are in the right spot. This page has answers to some of the most commonly asked questions. The best way to experience all that Elite Email has to offer is by creating a free trial account.

• Do I need to know HTML or have other technical skills to create an email?

Absolutely not! You will be able to create eye-catching outstanding emails that include pictures, text and links all without needing any technical skills at all. Just follow the on-screen wizard and you're all set!

• Can your templates be customized?

Of course! We have a wide variety of templates that determine the structure of your email, but you will be able to customize every template with your logo, your pictures, your text (including font style, size and color), and your links.

• How do I add images to my email?

With Elite Email you get your own online image gallery, which makes adding images very easy. When the email creation wizard asks you for an image, you will go into your online image gallery (which has unlimited storage, by the way!) and upload any image from your computer. Once the image is in your gallery, all you have to do is point & click while the wizard does the rest. You can re-use that image as often as you want without having to upload it again.

• Can I use my own HTML with Elite Email?

Yes. If you know HTML you can choose our 'advanced' template option, which will let you create your entire email in HTML from scratch. You can even insert special tags that will add your contact's name or other information.

• Can I preview my email while I'm working on it?

Of course! The look of your email will never be a mystery to you. As you create your email you can click 'preview' to see a real-time update of what it will look like.

• When will my email be sent?

The real question is, when do you want it to send? You can choose the exact date & time you want your email to send. You can schedule it for right now, an hour from now, two weeks from now, or next year.

• Can I send myself a test copy of the email before it goes out to everyone?

Absolutely! At the end of the email creation wizard you will be asked if you want to email yourself a test copy. This way you can see exactly what it will look like in your inbox.

• How do I enter the text I want in my email?

Customizing the text in your email is easy! All you have to do is type whatever you would like into a big text box or copy & paste it from your word processor. You can even format your text (bold, italics, underline) using a familiar toolbar.

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