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Reports & Analytics - Questions & Answers

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If you have questions about how Elite Email puts tons of useful reports and incredible analytics at your fingertips then you are in the right spot. This page has answers to some of the most commonly asked questions.The best way to experience all that Elite Email has to offer is by creating a free trial account.

• Can I see who has opened my email?

Absolutely! The second anyone opens your email, we record the exact date & time and present that to you in an online report. If that same person opens it again, we'll track that, too. We can even go a step further and show you where in the world that person is located when they open your email.

• Can I see who has clicked a link in my email?

Yes! You can see a break-down of clicks for all the links in your email and can even drill down to the details and see which person clicked on each link. Of course, we'll show you the date & time that happened, too.

• Does Elite Email show me information about bounces?

Yes. Managing bounces is a very important part of email marketing and we make it easy. For each email you will see a total number of bounces. You can then view that list, export it, or use our list cleaning feature to block those addresses from future mailings. Our sophisticated bounce analysis tools will even tell you why an email bounced.

• Can I see who has forwarded my email?

Absolutely! With Elite Email's 'Forward To A Friend' feature, each person who receives the email will be able to forward it along to their friends and even attach a personal message. You will be able to see who is forwarding your message and spreading the word about your company. (You can disable this feature if you don't want it.)

• How quickly do the reports update?

Instantly and in real-time. The moment your email is sent the reporting kicks into high gear and tracks everything. If you send an email at 9:00am, you can login at 9:01am and follow all the action.

• Are the reports printable?

Yes. When you are viewing a report, you can click a 'printer friendly' version. This will create a nicely formatted version of the report ready to be sent to your printer.

• Can I export the reports into Microsoft Excel?

Of course! When viewing a report, you can choose to 'export' that information to a file. You can then open up the file in Excel and all other popular database programs for further manipulation.

• Can I create a new mailing list segment from people who performed a certain action?

Yes you can. For example, if you want to create a new targeted group of contacts who clicked on a certain link, you can easily click the 'Save As New Group' button and then send those people a targeted email.

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