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Email Report Dashboard

Report Dashboard

The hub for all your email reports & analytics. From this starting point you can get deep insight into your recent & past emails with easy-to-understand reports & charts.

Contact Dashboard

Contacts Dashboard

Monitor how your mailing list size is changing as new people subscribe and existing contacts unsubscribe with an easy to read report that classifies your contacts by category.

Geo Reports

Geo Reports

Interactive heat maps let you analyze your engagement by location. Drill down to detailed country maps and see your results by state or province.

22"Opens" Report

22 "Opens" Reports

Getting people to open your email is one of the main objectivs of email marketing and with 20+ detailed open reports you will know everything that is happening.

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22"Clicks" Reports

With over 20 reports focused on the people clicking links in your email, you will know exactly who is clicking, when, and where they are going. View, export and save your reports.

9 "forwards" Report

9 "Forwards" Reports

Know exactly who is forwarding your email. Easily identify the most active people who share your content and offer them special treatment.

9 "Unsubscribe" Reports

9 "Unsubscribe" Reports

When people unsubscribe from your mailing list you will not be in the dark. You can see who requested removal to identify trends.

Live Ticker

Live Ticker

Watch a live real-time feed of interaction with your email. See who is opening, clicking, forwarding and more as it happens. It's like Twitter for your email marketing activities.

Bounce Dashboard

Bounce Dashboard

Emails bounce for a variety of reasons, but when they do it's important you know about it. The bounce dashboard puts all that information at your fingertips.

Spam Complaint Dashboard

Complaint Dashboard

Even when sending opt-in emails you may occasionally get some spam complaints. The complaints dashboard makes it easy to monitor issues and idenitfy useful trends.

Compare Recent Emails

Compare My Emails

Did this week's email do better than last weeks? Our trend reports will show you all your recent emails so you can compare opens, clicks, bounces, complaints and more.

Contact Activity Drilldown

Activity Drilldown

Wondering how a specific person engaged with your email? Pinpoint their exact activity and see every time they opened it, clicked a link, forwarded it, usubscribed & more.

Archived Reports

Archived Reports

Never lose your report data. We keep it forever. Want to see how your Holiday Newsletter performed 4 years ago? It only takes a few clicks and then its on your screen.

Download And Print Reports

Download & Print

For each report (80+) you can view it online, download it to Excel/CSV, get a printer-friendly version or save a new mailing list segment with just one click.

Soft Bounce Analysis

Soft Bounce Analysis

Get more in-depth knowledge about your soft bounces with our detailed soft bounce analysis tools that show you if it was due to a full mailbox, DNS error, and more.

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