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The Smarts of Sole-Proprietorship
Email marketing software can help the busy sole proprietor with limited time, launch professional email marketing campaigns in a matter of minutes.

If you’re a sole proprietor of a business, chances are you’re so busy you haven’t even had time to think about tools like email marketing software. Managing your own small business means managing every role within your organization, which can be quite trying. Finding efficient methods of distributing one’s task becomes a necessity for the success of the venture.

One of the most important aspects of any venture is a “client base”. For a one-man operation, ensuring that “past clients” stay on as “present clients” and, of course, “future clients” requires a great degree of organization and personal effort. Email marketing is central in reducing costs and organizational hassles, and maintaining customers on a long term basis. Therefore, adopting an email marketing program is a highly effective sole-proprietor’s business solution.

For a small business, reducing overheads allows that business to compete with much larger organizations - within the same industry - at a much lower operating cost. Email marketing is a tool that helps reduce the costs of reaching one’s customers and yields an impressive return on investment (ROI). Other forms of media will charge exponentially more for an audience that is hopefully your target customer, email marketing directly targets YOUR customers at a rate that is minimal in comparison.

Email marketing makes organizational tasks much easier. Most platforms have tracking capabilities that show the sender their customers’ “clicks”, “forwards”, and “opens” in real-time with easy to follow reports. This information gives the sole proprietor statistics on who is opening which marketing campaign, when, how often and if they are referring your company to other interested customers - all provided at a glance.

As a sole-proprietor, you need to be constantly reminding customers why they have chosen your operation over a larger one. You need to be reviewing your special offers, products and services and holding that coveted real-estate in the back of their minds. Email marketing establishes that position by directly reminding customers how much they are valued, and why your customers value your organization and your personal touch.

With billing, filing, importing, exporting, outsourcing and accounting on the brain, a sole-proprietor cannot afford letting their past, present and future clients slip through the cracks. Email marketing reduces the stress of wearing multiple hats by keeping costs down, keeping track of your clients and allowing you to gain a deeper, more comprehensive account of your customers. It also reminds them that you are in their hearts and minds for a good reason.

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