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Understanding Email Marketing Stats
Email marketing stats are very useful. The more you know about them, the more successful your email marketing campaigns will be.

As I've said before, the way to get the most out of your email marketing is to put in a little extra brow sweat. Here are some more aerobic ways to sweat through your email marketing statistics. Knowing them will make your email marketing campaigns more effective.

You've probably heard this advice: you need to separate a list of contacts that includes only those subscribers that are not paying attention to your blasts ('in-actives'). Once you have this targeted list, the idea behind the advice is to send this elusive group an email that prompts them to become active again. Once you've sent this email you'll be able to better segment contacts if necessary. Some you'll get rid of because they are inactive. Others you'll re-establish a relationship with. This is a basic way to better refine your contact list.

The most common way an in-active user can be identified is seeing if they are not opening your email within a given period. Therefore, it is important to know how a contact might open an email before automatically assuming they have become 'in-active'.

First of all, it is widely known that people who do not download images in their emails will not get counted in your 'opens' metrics. So, if you determine success by open rates, then right away you will need to change your strategy. In order to avoid getting rid of potential customers, start focusing on the 'clicks' as well as the opens. Then you can determine who is in-active if those contacts are not opening your campaigns, or clicking on the links in your emails over a given time period.

Before deleting an inactive contact make sure you have taken the time to determine that they REALLY are inactive: give them a chance to re-confirm their interest through one or maybe two emails that are designed to get them to take action, like signing up again to the list or clicking on a link that might be of interest to that contact.

Another thing to focus in on is keeping a keener eye on 'Unsubscribe Rates'. If you measure the success of your mailings by looking at which of your contacts have unsubscribed, then here is another bit of info that will make you think twice. Instead of unsubscribing, many users use the "spam" or "junk" button to remove an email from their inbox. This is especially true for senders that the contact deems untrustworthy.

If a contact presses the 'junk' or 'spam' button, they will not register as someone who has unsubscribed. So, if you are judging your success by the minimal amount of 'unsubscribes' you receive, you might not have an accurate picture of what is actually going on.
Again, it's better to concentrate on data like 'opens' and 'clicks' to determine your success.

Successful email marketers are always finding ways to analyze their stats to create a higher quality, and more targeted list of contacts. Understanding the truth about the stats you receive will help you create a higher quality contact list and offer you greater email marketing success.

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