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Email Marketing Software Terminology
Researching email marketing software makes it important to know what to look for in the products you are looking up. Here are a few things to remember when looking for email marketing software for your business.

When doing some research on email marketing software, it is important to know the buzz words, key words, and things to consider so that you are properly informed to make a good decision.

The following is a glossary of email marketing buzz words that you might come across, and what they mean to you and your business.

Deliverability: This is a term that refers to the success of your campaigns being delivered to your subscribers. Think of it as deliver-ability. The deliverability of a system is dependent upon the relationship that your email marketing software service provider has with the Internet Service Providers (ISPs). The top ranked email marketing software will have set up communications with all the ISPs, which enhances the deliverability of your emails.

I.P. Address: This is an identification number that gets associated to your computer. When accessing web-pages and browsers, or sending out email, the device that you are sending from has an IP address associated to it. It can be likened to your “passport” to the Internet. For email marketing, an IP address gets assigned a reputation based on the content of your emails and the previous times you have sent out. By receiving many spam complaints, or a large percentage of bounce-back numbers, this has an effect on the reputation of the IP address (similar to the effect that smuggling things over the border - and getting caught - would have on your passport). The ISPs have the authority to shut off your internet service or disallow you to send email on mass (blacklisting) if your IP address has received too many spam complaints.

White Listing: This is a status that the top ranked email marketing companies have attributed to their service by every and all ISPs around the world. This is created by the email marketing software company through its reputation with the ISPs. They have to have a long standing relationship of proven performance.

Blacklisting: An IP address can get blacklisted by the spam bots used by the ISP providers. These robots determine whether or not you are sending out spam. This is determined by your content, the response from people who receive the email, and the bounces that are associated to the account. Blacklisting means that the ISP blacks you from being able to send out, which means that your emails will not be delivered (Bounced) or land in people’s junk mail box.

Feedback Loops: The best email marketing software companies have this in place in order to increase the reputation of IP address. This is a communication that occurs between the IP address and the ISP detailing how a spam complaint has been dealt with, or removed from the mailing list from the person that has reported the complaint.

Make sure that you know what you are looking for in an email marketing software, so that you campaign s will be as successful as can be. Look for the email marketing software companies that give you the best possible chances to get your email into the in box of you subscribers.

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