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Spam Statistics (2005 - 2007)
A collection of various spam statistics from 2005 - 2007.

Inbox providers, such as Yahoo, AOL and Gmail, all use the percentage of people who hit the "report spam" button for a particular sender as the No. 1 gage in considering whether to deliver incoming email to users' inboxes or not. - Direct Magazine (2007)

30% say they use spam complaint mechanisms, while two-thirds of them equate reporting spam with unsubscribing from marketers' email programs. - Epsilon (2007)

Nine out of 10 email users want a universal "unsubscribe" button in their email clients' interfaces, one that would send an unsubscribe request from the receiving email server to the sender's database. - Email Sender and Provider Coalition (2007)

20 percent of respondents admit to using the "report spam" button to unsubscribe. - Email Sender and Provider Coalition (2007)

If a legitimate markter fails to contact their opt-in subscribers more than once every 3 months, there changes of the next email being classified as spam increases by 32%. (EliteEmail.com)

The Spam epidemic is costing U.S. businesses $712 for each employee in lost worker productivity. - Nucleus Research (2007)

4-5 seconds - Wasted corporate time per Spam email - TopTenReviews.com (2005)

By all accounts, any sender who gets a complaint rate higher than 0.5% will have serious delivery issues at these ISPs. - Direct Magazine (2007)

53% say they received less spam than they did last year -- the third consecutive year in which most respondents reported a reduction. - Epsilon (2007)

More than 8 out of 10 email users have used the "report spam" button in their email clients' interfaces. - Email Sender and Provider Coalition (2007)

The average user receives 21 spam messages to their inbox each day. - Nucleus Research (2007)

6 - Daily Spam received per person - TopTenReviews.com (2005)

Two out of every three email messages received by today's business users are spam. - Nucleus Research (2007)

16% - Email address changes due to Spam - TopTenReviews.com (2005)

Users are spending 16 seconds identifying and deleting each spam email, which translates into an annual cost of $70 billion to all U.S. businesses. - Nucleus Research (2007)

At least 90 percent of email reaching corporate servers is spam. - Nucleus Research (2007)

15-20% - Corporate email that is considered Spam - TopTenReviews.com (2005)

81% of email marketers are unaware of CAN-Spam Act - WebSurveyor Corp (2006)

12.4 billion - Daily Spam emails sent - TopTenReviews.com (2005)

40% of all email considered Spam - TopTenReviews.com (2006)

2,200 - Annual Spam received per person - TopTenReviews.com (2005)

Porn-related emails get a 5.6 percent clickthrough rate while messages advertising pharmacy drugs get less than a one percent clickthrough rate. - Secure Computing (July 2006)

$255 million - Spam cost to all non-corp Internet users - TopTenReviews.com (2005)

2.1 million - Annual Spam in 1,000 employee company - TopTenReviews.com (2005)

28% - Users who reply to Spam email - TopTenReviews.com (2005)

8% - Users who purchased from Spam email - TopTenReviews.com (2005)

10 - Daily emails received per person - TopTenReviews.com (2005)

Spam messages promoting pornography are 280 times as effective in getting recipients to click on them as messages advertising pharmacy drugs, which are the next most effective type of spam. - Secure Computing (July 2006)

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