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Training Article Add Those Contacts

Adding your contact's email addresses and building your mailing list is a cornerstone of the email marketing process. When you create a new account, you'll start with a mailing list that is a blank slate. Don't worry, that will change very soon.

If you have an existing mailing list (remember, opt-in addresses only!) you can easily add it to the program by either copying and pasting the addresses into a text area or uploading a file. To do this simply click on the "Add New Contacts" link on the Elite Email Marketing homepage.

If you already have a database with all of your subscriber information (like a file from Outlook or Excel), you can easily import everything (including subscriber name, phone number, etc,) into Elite Email Marketing. You can review the importing guidelines on the "Add New Contacts " page or you can email import@eliteemail.com and we'll take care of integrating everything for you!

Also, did you know your Contacts can update their account information (like name, phone number, interest groups, etc) all on their own? Every email you send includes a link (in the footer) to "Update Address/Profile". When Contacts click on this link they are brought to your custom subscription center, where they can edit their information.

You can customize the Subscription Center by going to the Contacts page, selecting the more menu, and then choosing "Contact Data Screens". You can customize the information to collect as well as the colors scheme.

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