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Training Article Collect Addresses Offline, Too

Just because email marketing happens online, it doesn't mean it has to stop there. In fact, many businesses grow their email lists by collecting email addresses offline. The basic tactic is really just a new twist on an old favorite. Think about it: have you ever been in a store where the cashier asks for your phone number and mailing address for their records? Chances are you have. Many businesses collect that information to send out promotions and other information through direct mail.

Well, that's exactly what you should be doing too. Keep a notebook by your cash register or point-of-sale. The next time you interact with your customers, ask for their email addresses. Let them know you'll be sending out exclusive offers, like discount coupons or information on special sales.

If you own an offline store and you want to learn more about this topic, there is an excellent article in our Resource Center titled Permission Email Marketing Tips for Offline Small Business Owners. It offers some great tips on how to build your email list from your offline store.

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