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Training Article Target With Interest Groups

People are different. Each person has different wants, needs, and values that make them unique. This is very important to keep in mind when you are marketing to your subscribers. Within Elite Email Marketing you can create different interest groups (in the List Management section). These interest groups are sub-groups of your overall mailing list. You can, for example, have an interest group named “Newsletter” for those that want your weekly newsletter and another interest group named “Coupons” for those that want to receive special offers.

When you send a campaign you can choose exactly which interest groups receive it. This means you can tailor your message more accurately so it speaks to a specific audience. When adding new subscribers you must decide which interest groups to put them in, so we strongly recommend you give this some thought before simply lumping everyone together.

You can create an unlimited amount of interest groups so you never have to worry about creating too many. Also, if you send an email to two or more groups, the email wizard automatically detects if some people belong to more than one group, so they only receive one copy of your message.

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