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Training Article Cheesiness Doesn't Sell Anymore

When writing an article, keep in mind that consumers are far more savvy than they were many years ago. Remember, we live in the information age, where people are inundated with marketing messages all day long. We've developed a sort of internal filter that desensitizes us to those cheesy marketing messages.

You may really want to say things like "All Your Dreams Will Come True" or "Guaranteed To Make Your Rich", but try your hardest to fight the temptation. People today see right through those gimmicky messages, so don't fall prey to them. Try to be creative, but when those stellar words are just not coming to you, choose simplicity over cheesiness.

It's also important to keep in mind that a lot of spam filters are trained to flag these cheesy phrases. The most popular spam filters, for example, will search your message for the word "FREE" in all capital letters. If they find it (especially a few too many times), there's a significant chance you'll get flagged as a spammer.

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