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Issue #6

Training Article Email Footer

A special can-spam compliant footer is added to all of your outgoing emails. Even though this happens automatically, I felt it was worth discussing briefly so that you are familiar with exactly what is included in this part of your messages.

The most important part of the footer is the unsubscribe link. If anyone on your mailing list decides they no longer wish to receive your campaign, they can easily click this link and unsubscribe themselves. We're serious about following email marketing best-practices, so when readers unsubscribe, they become permanently removed from your list.

You can view how many permanently removed subscribers you have in the Subscriber Reports page (in the Reports section). You can even see who these people are by browsing your mailing list for people in the "Permanently Removed" group.

Another important link in the footer is labeled "Update Address/Profile". This link connects to your subscription center and allows the subscriber to change their interest group settings as well update their personal information. You can always mention this to your readers in the body of your message, with a sentence like: "Make sure to click the 'Update Address/Profile' link in the footer to update your settings and choose which emails you want to receive from us."

Your footer also includes your physical mailing address. This is done to ensure your compliance with the Can-Spam Act. You can save your address on the Settings page so that it's always automatically filled.

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