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Issue #6

Training Article Be Proud Of Who You Are

The "From Name" is part of an email that most people consider a no-brainer. But considering I have seen some major mistakes with this over the years, I felt it was worth discussing it, just to make sure you don’t find yourself heading down the wrong path.

When your subscribers signed up for your mailing list, they explicitly said they want to receive emails from you. You need to make sure that when your email lands in their inbox, they know immediately that it’s coming from you.

Make sure that the name you enter for the 'from' field is something your subscriber will recognize. If the subscriber signed up on your website, which was named "www.mysite.com", but your formal company name is "Internet Properties Inc", you need to ask yourself what the subscriber is expecting to see. If your reader sees “Internet Properties Inc.” and doesn't recognize it, chances are he or she will just delete that message or report it as spam.

Just ask yourself, "What do my readers call me?" The answer to that is the name that should be in your "From" field.

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