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Issue #6

Training Article Cornerstone of Your Email: The Subject

One of the most important parts of your email is the subject. It’s true that when you are creating a campaign, entering the subject is just one tiny part of the whole process, but it’s a part that has the power to influence your results in a big way.

In many web-based and desktop-based programs, your email recipient only sees your name and subject. This is how the reader decides whether or not to open your email. That means you need to make sure your subject grabs the reader's attention.

But make sure your subject makes sense. For example, if you own a car dealership, don't use the subject "New For 2007" (out of context, that doesn't really mean much). Instead, write a subject like "Get an Exclusive First Look at Ford's New 2007 Models ". This second subject may be describing the same thing, but the word usage makes the message more appealing to open. Plus, the words 'exclusive' and 'first look' tell readers that they are getting something ahead of everyone else, which is a good tactic to increase your opens percentage.

The key is really to think about the subject and then try out different things. You can view your opens report in real-time so you’ll be able to get instant feedback: did your new subject hit the mark, or do you need to try something else? Keep testing, until you find the perfect formula.

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