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Getting Started with Email Marketing

Getting Started with Email MarketingReady to kick start your email marketing? Learn about best practices and strategies to ensure you'll have great results.

Email Marketing Tips & Tricks

Email Marketing Tips & TricksLearn some helpful tricks of the trade to take your email marketing to a new level and boost your results even more.

Build & Manage Your Mailing List

Build & Manage Your Mailing ListA high quality mailing list is key to your email marketing success. Learn some proven methods to get opt-in subscribers.

All About Spam

All About SpamIn order to make sure that you never get accused of sending spam, it's important to have a deep understanding of it.

Email Marketing Glossary

Email Marketing GlossaryMaster all the email marketing lingo and impress your colleagues around the water cooler.

Email Marketing Training Course

Email Marketing Training CourseA 7 issue training course that takes you through the basics of Elite Email and email marketing in general.

Elite Email TVElite Email TV

Helpful training videos in high definition (HD) that show you how to use many parts of Elite Email in an easy & straightforward way.
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What Are Interest Groups?

What Are Interest Groups?

Interest groups let you segment your overall mailing list into smaller parts. You can then send emails to specific interest groups.

Adding Contacts - Step 1

Adding Contacts - Step 1

Adding contacts to your mailing list is a simple and straightforward process. The very first step is to select the interest groups (or mailing list segments) where your contacts should be located.

Adding Contacts - Step 2

Adding Contacts - Step 2

There are several ways you can add contacts into your account. This video explores the different options.

Preparing Your Excel File

Preparing Your Excel File

You can upload your Excel file right into Elite Email. This video discusses some tips to make that process even easier.

Mapping Your File

Mapping Your File

After uploading your file, you need to tell us where to save your data. This video shows you how to connect the dots between your file and Elite Email database.

Contact Profiles

Contact Profiles

Your contacts are more than just an email address. You can save a wide variety of information online such as name, phone number, address and more.

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email marketing.

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