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Create a mobile keyword that automatically triggers a specific response or action. Add this keyword to all your existing advertising to boost the level of engagement and pave the way to future marketing efforts.

Text Blasting

Send out an SMS text message to everyone who has previously opted-in and spread your news in the fastest most effective way possible. Send your messages immediately or schedule them for the future.


Create a sequence of text messages and have them send automatically at your specific intervals to your contacts. This is a great way to keep your name in front of your audience and push them towards your marketing goals.

Text to Win

Every marketer will tell you that contests are a great way to drive engagement and our Text-To-Win feature takes things to a whole new level. Customize your contest to the first X number of people win, a winner every X number of entries, or select a winner at the end.

Voting & Polling

Forget about a ballot box because our text message voting and polling feature takes a digital spin on collecting responses. Give people their voting options and let them lock in their selections right from their phone. See the results instantly!

Appointment Reminders

Reduce the amount of missed appointments by sending text message appointment reminders. Save templates for the messages you send most frequently and really boost your efficiency.

Redeemable Coupons

Drive people to your store or website with one-time redeemable coupons. People text in your keyword and then receive a special coupon right on their phone. Track redemption rates, integrate bar codes, and more.

Loyalty Program

Forget about punching holes or stamping a piece of paper. Take your loyalty program to the next level with our mobile marketing loyalty program. You customize the offer and create a code after each purchase to progress people towards their reward.


Getting people to fill out a survey can be a challenge, but with text message surveys, people can give you the feedback you want quickly, easily and using a device they already have in their pocket.


A new interactive way to hold trivia contests. Send out multiple choice questions and have people respond in real-time. This is really popular at bars and restaurants, where the longer you keep people engaged, the more they purchase.


Add some interactive excitement to your next big event by broadcasting text messages right to your projector for everyone to see. Watch as people point to their message up in lights. (You can enable moderation for extra control.)

Kiosk Builder

Turn an iPad into a hub for your mobile marketing. Let people enter their phone number right into your digital kiosk and they'll immediately be enrolled in your mobile marketing campaigns.
Mobile Site Builder

Mobile Site Builder

Enhance the effectiveness of your mobile marketing efforts with a state-of-the-art mobile friendly website. These days your customers and prospects are using their phones more than ever to search & browse the web. Make sure the experience they have with your website is a great one by keeping it mobile friendly.
Talk to us today about having a custom mobile website created for your business.

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