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Create MySpace Emails

Building a Mailing List from MySpace is Easy!

Use MySpace codes to capture your fan's email address.

Build a MySpace Mailing list right from your profile. It's quick, easy and you can try it for free!
Once you've built your list, you can send targeted emails to your fans and break away from the clutter on MySpace.

Step 1: Find a MySpace Mailing List Design You Like

Signup Box Demo 1 Signup Box Demo 2 Signup Box Demo 3
  • Find MySpace mailing list codes online!
  • Custom build your own design!
  • Check out these sites for sample mailing list codes:
    MySpace CoreMySpace Society
  • Step 2: Add Mailing List Code To Your MySpace Profile

    Mailing List Signup Code

    That's It! Start Collecting Addresses!

    Adding a MySpace mailing list code to your profile really is that easy. Once the mailing list signup box is on your MySpace page, your fans, friends and anyone else visiting your profile can easily add themselves to your mailing list through your subscription center. Just create a free trial account and you're ready to get rolling...
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