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MySpace Email Reports & Stats

Reports, Stats, and Analysis... OH YA!

We put tons of useful information at your fingertips.

Sending your email is just the beginning. We track everything and give you real-time reports so you can measure your success.
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Detailed Email Reports

Email Reports
  • Total Number of Emails Sent
  • Number of Emails Opened
  • Percentage of Emails Opened
  • Date & Time Each Contact Opened Your Email
  • Number of Clicks on Links
  • Which Links Got Clicked
  • Date & Time Each Contact Clicked On a Link
  • Identify Which Links Were The Most Popular
  • Total Number of Times Your Email Was Forwarded
  • Who Forwarded Your Email
  • View Reports Per Email
  • View Summary Results for Last Month, Last 3 Months
  • Contact Reports

    Contact Reports
  • Total Number of Active Contacts
  • Numbers By Month (Past 6 Months)
  • Historical Contact List Size
  • Amount of "Not Confirmed" Contacts
  • Amount of "Confirmed" Contacts
  • Total Number of "Do Not Mail" Contacts
  • Number of Contacts Blocked Due To a Bounce
  • Number of Contacts Who Unsubscribed
  • Number of Contacts Blocked Manually
  • Number of Contacts Who Reported Spam
  • Number of Deleted Contacts
  • Month-By-Month Contact List Growth
  • Bounce Reports

    Bounce Reports
  • Percentage of Bounces
  • Number of Bounces
  • View List of Invalid Email Addresses
  • Export List of Bad Email Addresses
  • Auto-Block All Hard Bounces
  • One-Click To Clear All Bounces
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